Three Part Invention

Mona settles into her seat at the concert seeking only familiar pleasure. Her life with Howard is padded by a series of rituals in these later years. The same concert series, tea afterward at the bar and grille,  Sunday morning sex after a good night's sleep. Howard has refused to abandon the patterns of a lifetime .Probably a good thing, too, especially in the case of the sex. It would just be too absurd, two out of practice sets of old bones flailing away, trying not to injure each other....more

Why should walkers, runners and hikers carry pepper spray?

Why not? Women and men should always carry self defense products if they are walking, running or hiking alone. ...more

Frederick Douglass on Women's Rights: “Right is of No Sex”

In honor of Black History Month, I thought it was only appropriate to remember a man who stood alongside women in their fight for equality for almost half a century. That man was Frederick Douglass. ...more