Was Hiring Girl Scout Marketing Chief Laurel Richie a Smart Move for WNBA?

This week the WNBA appointed veteran marketing executive, Laurel J. Richie, as the third president of the league. She succeeds Donna Orender who announced her resignation in December. Val Ackerman was the WNBA's first president, hired in 1996 -- a year before the league began play....more

Anyone who thinks the Girls Scouts of America is only about cookies - is misinformed. It is a ...more

Battling Homophobia in Women's Basketball

At this month's NCAA Women’s Final Four in Indianapolis, a number of events took place focusing on the state of women’s basketball. In association with The Fling, an annual get together which seeks to unite fans of women's sports and combat homophobia, WomenTalkSports.com co-founder Megan Hueter conducted a series of exclusive interviews with well-known experts to address the issue. ...more

UCONN Women's Basketball Break Win Record

The University of Connecticut Women's Basketball team has not lost a game since April 6. April 6, 2008 that is. ...more

The first time I watched SportsCenter this morning more time was spent on discussing Mike Vick ...more

Women's Basketball: Is Lowering the Hoop the Answer?

The International Basketball Federation is considering lowering the hoop in the women's game to see if it will make the women's game "more "attractive." *seethes* At the first-ever women's basketball summit, FIBA also discussed new uniforms that would appeal to a wider audience, too. ...more

UCONN and Stanford to Battle for NCAA Women's Championship

The final is set. Tomorrow night UConn Huskies and the Stanford Cardinals will be facing off tomorrow night in San Antonio, Texas for the NCAA Women's Basketball title game....more

Did Griner's Punch Go Too Far? Or Is Aggressive Ball Playing Just a Part of Women's Sports Now?

It pisses me off to no end that people act aghast if a female athlete acts out in an aggressive manner....more

Who Says Girls Can't Dunk?

While the rest of the world was waiting on pins and needles to see who would end up in the NFL Playoffs and the D.C. area was awaiting the fate of Jim Zorn, Brittney Griner was in Waco, Texas dunking twice.You heard me right, and yes, Brittney Griner is a girl.Watch this....more

10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Women's Basketball

I've been wanting to write a post about women's basketball for a while now and I had so many ideas that I wasn't sure where to start. Then I was inspired by microblogging. (I love you Twitter.) Instead I will write ten short posts on why you should all be watching women's basketball, and since we all love lists, I give you: 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Women's Basketball10) Women's Basketball Empowers Women ...more

We are women's basketball fans in my house, too. In fact, my husband's a newspaper sports ...more

Jaime Nared Takes On The Boys (and America)

14-year-old Jaime Nared is making headlines across the country. So far, she’s been on ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN’s Headline News and ...more

Becky Hammon: Traitor or Just Living the Dream?

I was flying back from BlogHer in San Francisco on Monday when I saw a clip on ESPN (thanks for the tv's at each seat Virgin America) that floored me. Becky Hammon, who was came in second in the MVP voting last year for the WNBA, felt slighted by the American Olympic Women's Basketball Team when a list of potential players was released without her name on it so she decided to play for the Russian Olympic Team. Becky Hammon was born and raised in South Dakota. ...more

Aren't traitors people who turn against our country in times of war, selling secrets that ...more