How to Scare yourself to Success! by Jane C Woods

I read an interview with a very successful actor the other day (I have broad tastes – it was even a male actor, no bias here!) One thing he said stayed with me:“I say yes to things because I know they’ll terrify me”How brilliant, I thought, that’s the best way to grow and develop ( warning – I don’t mean doing dangerous things by this – I don’t want to lose any readers, so go steady!)...more

Who Turns Your Lights Blue? by Jane C Woods

 I was stuck behind an ambulance the other day. Well, not stuck as such; I pulled out into the lanes to find it ahead of me pootling along quite happily at a steady old pace befitting of an ambulance.In truth I was slightly irked as I wanted to go a bit faster but I settled myself in for a slightly longer journey than planned and relaxed.Suddenly the pace ahead changed; the blue flashing lights came on and the ambulance accelerated away. (Not speeding, just not the gentle 30 mph it had been doing)....more