The Internet Women Are Building

The internet is changing the way women interact with the world. It's opening up all kinds of new opportunities for us, both the terms of business, and in personal growth.Two things struck me the first time I went to a blogging conference....more
Love this :)more

How Does Health Reform Affect You NOW? (Part 2 of 3)

Let me be clear: Had I been a member of Congress, I would have pressed the “yes” lever for the health reform bill when it came down to the vote for final passage. It was incredibly important that we start somewhere to make health care accessible and affordable to all Americans. And we can celebrate, as Ms. magazine recounts in “What the Health Care Bill Means for Women,” that contraceptives will be covered, gender rating that discriminates against women has been eliminated and preventive services such as pap smears will be covered without co-pay under the new plan. But sometimes when you win, you lose. ...more

...most (too many, at least) "pro-lifers" want people (i.e. WOMEN) to "take responsibility" for ...more

For All You Ladies Out There.... Need your Advice Please!

Hello everyone! I wanted to ask if any mommas out there can go and check out my social network that I started 2 months ago? Please give me your input on it, and feel free to join!! Its free! Okay Thanks!!!!! Its called: Peace-Love-an-Mommas!! Thanks!!!!!!! -Jess ...more

Someone Loves Me, This I Know

I'm so impressed with the direction our homeschool group is taking. In the past two years I've been a member I've felt firmly planted on the fringes, the non-Christian with teeth gritted, any potential friendships stopped squarely at the "I was saved back in college, how 'bout you?" exchange. I joined the group looking for friends, not companions in Christ. I'm still not sure which members have been privy to the random, but always personally offended email I've sent to various leaders, hoping to have my voice heard, "the unsaved are people too." ...more

I can so totally relate to this.

I never even bothered to join our homeschool group for two ...more