Just Listen to My Hair Loss

JUST LISTEN TO MY HAIR LOSSI don’t have hair, but at least I have good health.  Trust me, I never lose sight of that.  Afterall, I surrendered my healthy breasts and ovaries in an effort to protect my health.  But I still resent it when others respond to my...more

Unexplained Hair Loss? Don't Give Up

I have permanent hair loss, also called Alopecia Universalis.  That doesn’t mean it will never grow back (it has), simply that it will never stop falling out.  Once an Alopecian, always an Alopecian…...more

The Bald View From Above

You know for a fact you’ve gained 15 lbs this year, but according to your friends, they don’t see your wardrobe tightening around you (yeah right!).  Or your hair is thinning to the point you see your scalp gleaming through in the mirror.  Maybe you have bald spots so large or so numerous that you can feel the sun and wind reaching for them.  But according to everyone else, they’re not there, not visib...more

Searching For Me - Hello 31

I'm staring down the barrel of 31. April is just around the corner and I find the number chasing me wherever go. I know 31 is far from old, but I am troubled by the years prior that seemed to have been lost. My life was hijacked by hair loss when I was 21.  A brief encouter with a birth control pill kicked in my predisposition for androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) and everything changed.  Typically androgenetic alopecia is slow and progressive so for many years (and still today) I had hair on my head, I was able to hide this disorder from the world. ...more