Tracking Ovulation History – The Life of Your Ovaries

Tracking ovulation is one of the most effective ways to boost your chances of getting pregnant. Here are some factors that affect your ovulation cycle and tips for tracking it....more

The Truth about Hormone Replacement Therapy

In July 2002, the NIH Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) made a dramatic public announcement suggesting a link between Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and increases in heart attack, stroke and breast cancer in women.I still remember seeing the headlines at my work desk. Like perhaps everyone else, I worried for women....more

Depression and Menopause – An Important Link and a Sex-Killer

Most of us understand that the chemical serotonin in our brains helps protect us from mood disorders, but it does much more than that.Nearly all of our approximately 40 million brain cells are influenced by serotonin in some manner. Serotonin impacts mood, sexual function, appetite, sleep, memory, temperature regulation, and social behavior.Hmmm… all the things that menopause messes with!...more

What Do We Really Mean by “Menopause?”

As a Reproductive Physiologist I had always known menopause was coming sometime in my 40s or 50s, but I remained unsure what to do about it—specifically, whether I would need a hysterectomy at some point, and whether or not to go on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) at some point.Starting in 2002, data from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) turned many of the approximately 45 million baby boomer women in the generation ahead of me off of HRT (with up to an 80% reduction in HRT use over the following 5 years)....more

Just Not In The Mood for Sex? Ever…

Hypoactive Sex Desire Disorder (HSDD – low sex drive) is the most common sexual complaint among women, constituting nearly half of all the cases of people seeking clinical assistance for sexual dysfunction. Because we know that sexual satisfaction is part of relationship satisfaction, most of us realize that to be in a marriage, we not only need to have sex but we know we should want to have sex. In spite of this, many women don’t feel the desire to have sex with their husbands....more

Common Sense Ways to Manage Pain During Sex (Part 3 of 3)

My Top 7 Tips for Managing Provoked Vestibulodynia & Pain During Sex ...more

Something Fishy is Going On Down There... Understanding Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a gynecological condition when women develop the wrong kind of bacteria in their vagina. The most obvious symptom is a strong fishy smell that occurs after sex, during a woman’s period, or mid-cycle when she is ovulating.  The strong fishy smell occurs from the bad bacteria when they are exposed to changes in vaginal pH.  If you have these symptoms you should talk to a healthcare provider for medical advice. ...more
shavonn Thanks.  Like many things about our sexuality, we often assume problems are "normal" and ...more

Shedding That Winter Coat...On Your Legs

Ever notice that men have a celebratory winter month for officially growing beards, but there’s no similar start date for women? That’s because you don’t get to boss us around, partner. We take the entire winter season as our permission to quit shaving our legs, and we let it grow until it’s as glorious and thick as a mandolin player’s beard, or until it’s warm enough in the bathroom to be naked for more than 30 seconds and we look down to see our lower half resembling something out of the Country Bear Jamboree....more

Fat-Shaming: Are Legitimately Unhealthy Fat People Hiding Behind the Term?

The Urban Dictionary has defined 'fat-shaming' as "a term made by obese people to avoid the responsibility to actually take proper care of their body". As an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and research scientist who studies obesity and one who’s battled the disease all my life, I’m not diametrically opposed to this definition in cases where the term 'fat' isn’t used maliciously....more