I hate going to the doctor. And not just because of my intense fear of anything medical....more

Health Management Apps for Quality Assurance

The management of a women's health is important. It is even more important to work with a health services provider that meets the care requirements set forth by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It is these standards, in place in the U.K. since 2009, that ensure a woman receives the level of quality care necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle....more


Go Red and Bless Your Heart

You know we Southerners say the phrase Bless Your Heart to cover many different meanings.  It's an understood language amongst us southern women and no matter how we may use it in a sentence, whomever we're talking to understands its implications perfectly.  We say it when we feel sad for someone who's going through a difficult time, 'bless your heart'.  We say it when someone is sick and not feeling well, 'bless your heart'.  We say it when we discover that a friend's husband has been cheating on her, 'bless her heart'....more

Too Much TV? Does it Increase the Risk of Depression

In a ...more

Why I Broke Up With My Scale

I had put a scale on my registry for my wedding, thinking that I wanted it. It came in a box with a bow from my sister-in-law, and I was even enthusiastic about it at the time. That is, I was, until I started using it. The relationship between me and my new scale quickly became a love/hate one. I found that we were constantly fighting with one another... "no!" I would shout, "That is NOT my weight!" To which it replied, "yes, it most certainly is." ...more

Welcome 2011

During our run today, I contemplated on what I would blog about today...this first day of 2011. As I ran and thought, it seemed that this particular post would need to be...well..awe-inspiring and rather memorable.  It would be the first post of 2011 ya know, so it would need to be somewhat colossal....more

Girl Talk: Backside Woes

What ever happened to your well-rounded nice tight behind? When did it turn into this lumpy thing that sort of just hangs there? You're in decent shape. Or you thought you were, until summer hit and putting on your bathing suit woke you up to the horror of your backside. You're appalled. When did this happen? Yesterday you were 25, and today you're 102. Or so it seems from the looks of your butt. Now what? There's no way you can firm that thing up in 2 weeks, if ever....more

Eating your way to Good Health!

 Hunger and obsession are a few of the feelings experienced if you have ever followed a strict weight loss diet. ...more

Plastic Bottles and BPAs

Worried about cancer? ...more