My Top 10 Historic Female Runners

As a tribute to Women History Month, I thought I would list a few of “historic women runners” and why I feel they warrant the mention.This is not an all encompassing list, and it is slanted toward US runners. A few of the names came to mind very quickly.  This list  favors the time period where I became a runner or interested in running. (more)...more

Women Who Brought About Change: Jeanette Rankin

March is Women's History Month and in honor of the occasion, The Lawyer and the Chef have decided to briefly profile some inspirational women who helped effect change in the U.S. The first profile is of Jeanette Rankin....more
patriciaappelquist Yes! Or rather I wish I could meet them today and hear their thoughts on how ...more

"The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" War Told By A Woman

   The title says it all. This 1984 classic's told by a white Civil War survivor, 99-year-old Lucy Marsden, now living in a nursing home. Why should we care? Why should we reread it? Because Lucy haunts our modern life with every page.   Virtually every post on BOGHER describes the struggle of contemporary women facing current issues in their lives. William Faulker describes it as history:...more

Women's History - Getting the Vote Was Violent Business

I wrote this post for The Shriver Report, where it originally appeared on March 21, 2014.  They have kindly given me permission to post it here in full.  Here is a link to its original appearance....more
BlogHerNews The take away from our advocacy workshop last night. If you're not educated. You're ...more


For some people, writing is just something to do – for others, it is a way of life. Today’s Woman to Watch hails from London, England. She is a creative writer and author who is passionate about generating healthy dialogue around the plight of the international black community.Please introduce yourself…...more


Sankofa, a word meaning “reach back and get it”, also translated as “return and fetch it” in Ghana’s Akan language, is a perfect word to summarize this woman’s professional life choices.  Using her God-given talent and understanding that music is her ministry, today’s Woman to Watch is defining history through the arts!...more


I’m sure you’ll agree, I look forward to the day when we can safely say that cancer doesn’t stand a chance. The day when we no longer have to worry about hearing that a loved one has received that dreadful diagnosis, or if they do, the day when we no longer have to fear that this diagnosis is the beginning of the end....more

Crosspost: Women's Receipt Books

In today's entry from The Great Plains Diaries of Harriet E. Whitcher, Hattie mentions working on her receipt-books:...more

Discovering Margery Milne

In yet another attempt to rid myself of magazines and items that sit on a shelf too long I happened upon a book entitled The Nature of Life. It has sat on my bookshelf for many years and has followed me everywhere but is yet to be read. I think it came from my parents book collection and I adopted it. The dust jacket was ripped and discarded some time back and there is little chew marks on the binding from when my dog decided to taste it. I can’t speak to its flavour but I can say it is a solid book with a lot of text and beautiful pictures within its pages....more