Everyday Women, Unsung Heroes: This Is My Story -- What Is Yours?

It’s March and that means it’s Women’s History Month. In schools across the country, children will be learning about Sacagawea and Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth and the myriad other famous women who are lauded for their role in changing the course of history. They won’t, however, be reading about the everyday woman. The woman who cares for her children, works to support her family, volunteers in her community. The woman who is the backbone of this country and most others around the world. They will not be reading about my grandmother, Jeanette Stromberg. ...more

your mother was. To see that work of art and still be willing to call it like it was: a failed ...more

Women's History Month: Reading Female-Authored Fiction

When I was a teen, I took over half the basement of our house and turned it into my bedroom. There were many benefits to this situation, but the crowning glory was a pair of ceiling-level bookshelves that ran the entire width of the room. I had them filled to the brim with books. Most of those books were fiction, and inside them lived some of the best role models I ever had. ...more
@Laracolvin I loved the Girls of Canby Hall too ... so much so that I'm recapping them at ...more

30 Awesome Women Making History

March is Women's History Month. March 8 is International Women's Day. March is also March Madness, but I believe that the use of the word "madness" in a month dedicated to women is unintentional. Right? ...more

It's so important to have inspiration like this... especially when facing situations where ...more

Women's History Month: Writing Our Own Stories Word by Word

Who have you told your story to? Have you written it down? Have you published it? Have you sat across a table from someone and told it to someone? These questions have been swirling around in my head since I found out that the theme of this year's National Women's History Month is "Writing Women Back Into History." ...more

It's nice to look back at where I was five years ago (even if the writing does make me cringe ...more

Did you know there's a Women's History Month?

Herstory Month? ...more

CEO Twice Over

I am the founder and CEO and sole owner of two companies: Studio Sarah Records LLC and Studio Sarah Music Publishing LLC.  I believe I had “start record label and music publishing company” on my list of 1-3 year goals when I was 19 years old.  This goal continued to appear on my lists of 1-3 year goals until I started the companies at the age of 26. ...more

Women's history Month #30: Who Will Be the Woman of the Future?

It seems only right that as Women's History Month draws to a close, we don't just look backward but that we also focus forward to ask what women of the future might or should become. Who do you think will be the woman of tomorrow? How would you define her character and characteristics? What external forces will influence her? How will she define herself? What are your aspirations for women's lives five, ten, 25 years hence? Please post your comments here and let's discuss these questions. Here's one to start you off: ...more

Women's History Month # 26: Writing History Forward--Who Will Lead?

Have been intending to blog about this fascinating intergenerational feminist convocation since I took the D train out to Brooklyn last Saturday after enjoying dim sum in Chinatown with my 30-something cousin Elizabeth. (She calls me "Auntie G" because of our age difference. Thus the day started out with an intergenerational theme; food if nothing else transcends the generations.) ...more

Women's History Month #25: Take This Meme and Pass It On!

Note: I'm posting something new about Women's History Month every day of March over at GloriaFeldt.com. Please feel free to lift, repost, link, or otherwise use any part or all of the information with or without attribution. I just want to do my part to get the word out about women's accomplishments, which are too often left out of the history books.  Today, a collaboration with my friend Deborah Siegel. Let's blanket the blogosphere with an ever growing list of Things People Should Know about women in history! Herewith: ...more

Women and Blogging: Changing Future International Women's History Months For Good

March is Women's History Month. BlogHer has been featuring diverse perspectives on the meaning of that all month long. My perspective, as always, is through the lens of the powerful cultural revolution that blogging represents, especially to women. Yes, you heard me: I called blogging a cultural revolution. ...more

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