Women's History Month # 26: Writing History Forward--Who Will Lead?

Have been intending to blog about this fascinating intergenerational feminist convocation since I took the D train out to Brooklyn last Saturday after enjoying dim sum in Chinatown with my 30-something cousin Elizabeth. (She calls me "Auntie G" because of our age difference. Thus the day started out with an intergenerational theme; food if nothing else transcends the generations.) ...more

Women's History Month #25: Take This Meme and Pass It On!

Note: I'm posting something new about Women's History Month every day of March over at GloriaFeldt.com. Please feel free to lift, repost, link, or otherwise use any part or all of the information with or without attribution. I just want to do my part to get the word out about women's accomplishments, which are too often left out of the history books.  Today, a collaboration with my friend Deborah Siegel. Let's blanket the blogosphere with an ever growing list of Things People Should Know about women in history! Herewith: ...more

Women and Blogging: Changing Future International Women's History Months For Good

March is Women's History Month. BlogHer has been featuring diverse perspectives on the meaning of that all month long. My perspective, as always, is through the lens of the powerful cultural revolution that blogging represents, especially to women. Yes, you heard me: I called blogging a cultural revolution. ...more

great thoughts - enjoyed reading this. more

Women's History Month #17 --St. Patricks' Day Version

A tip o' the Irish hat to you! ...more

Bringing My Readers the Gift of Women's History Month

My personal blog has a very small reader-base as of now.  Most of my readers are close friends of mine.  I write a large majority of my posts directly for them.  This post is one of those instances.  I am quite certain that my female friends were as ignorant as myself over Women's History Month, so I took it upon myself to shed a little light on the subject and propose that they learn about and honor influential women of the past.  I included women who inspire me for a starting point for my readers! ...more

Reading Women's History

I've always been attracted to books about women. When I was a girl it was books about girls. When I was a teen it was books about other teens and women who had done great things. In university I found myself pulled to women's history of whatever era fit the class I was taking. After university it there was a lot of chick-lit. These days I just mash it all together. To me Women's History Month is the perfect excuse to indulge in fiction and nonfiction by and about women. ...more

It was part of a larger affair with other authors reading from their novels. Which reminds me, I ...more

Women's History Month # 11: A Brief and Checkered History of Women's Path to Parity, Our Power Leap Moment, and the Road Ahead

Each day during March, Women's History Month, I am posting an article on my website, www.GloriaFeldt.com. I originally wrote today's Women's History Month post for the NOW New York newsletter. It was a tossup whether to place it in my Heartfeldt Politics blog or if I should put it into Courageous Leadership or Powered Women. ...more

From the classroom to the enviornment- Women's History Month

The purpose of Women's History Month is to increase consciousness and knowledge of women throughout history.  It began in Europe in 1911 with one single day simply named, International Women's Day.  Eventually, here in the United States a day was expanded to a week and by 1987 the U.S. Congress issued a resolution to expand the week to a month.  Every year since, The U.S. ...more

It's a quiz for Women's History Month

No really good excuse for not being more on the ball with blogging about Women's History Month, but I've got lots of resources piling up and I'm trying to figure out some new ways to cover everything I want to on this blog in the ever shrinking amount of time it feels as though I don't have for writing. ...more

i agree - completely.  Going to put some thought into that.