Gifted Women, Gifted Girls and Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and while mental health concerns affect everyone, women face distinct challenges. Women possess unique biochemical and hormonal influences that predispose them to certain mental illnesses, and they respond differently to environmental stresses....more

What if you just said "no"?

Admit it. Sometimes you just really wanted to say “no”.To attending a programme that you know can’t end fast enough to allow you to leave. To delivering a speech that someone asked you to make. To performing at a concert or being the godparent for someone’s child. Sometimes it’s as simple as running an errand for someone else that would mean carving some time out of your much-anticipated day off, when you promised that you would busy yourself doing nothing....more

When Mom Brings Home the Bacon

Over five years ago, I had the delightful surprise to learn I was pregnant after only being married a few weeks.  At this point in my life, I had concentrated on little else but career, education and more career.  A graduate of Douglass College, the largest women’s college in the United States, my education instilled in me a sense of pride at following a path historically limited to the women who came before me.  I was driven and my pursuit of success was rewarded by increasing levels of responsibility and leadership.  So, my pregnancy presented an interesting fork in th...more

I Wish I Had a Picture

  I posted a picture of my mother and my sister Jan the month Jan arrived from Korea and flew into my mother's arms, but I cannot for some reason post it here....more

Ok. I'm a crazy person, so what.

 This morning I woke up with a headache....more


There are over 600,000 physicians in the U.S. alone and in the millions worldwide.   And yet the demand is increasing for finding the right doctor for care during menopause.  Entrusting one’s health to just any doctor for menopause care has brought awareness to a new form of malpractice, which designates the fitting term…MALEPRACTICE....more

Further Proof That I Should Have Been Born A Man

My thoughts on showers, Christmas cards and thank-you notes are well-documented in my blog. For these reasons alone my lady card should be revoked....more

Was I Ever Me?


Fertility ...more

On how being a woman is WAY better and why CB sometimes drinks whiskey during the week.

So this morning I woke up to a scribbled note by the bedside that read “Mean to men?” and the word “pillow” written next to it, which lead me to conclude the following:  1, I really shouldn’t be allowed to sleep around potentially sharp objects like a pen because I might lose an eye and 2, I’m much nicer in my sleep thoughts towards CB than in my awake thoughts. Let me explain. You see, CB has a number of incredible qualities: he’s kind, funny, smart, honest....more