Do You Support Nickelodeon, Jason Biggs & Obscene Tweets?

 I want to make one thing VERY clear before I begin this post - this is not a political post.  The situation that I want to share with you did arise out of the contentious political climate but it has escalated to an issue that I believe all parents need to think about and address.  The Original tweets are inserted on the post on The Beehive Blog due to the graphic nature....more

Watch Your Own Lane of Traffic!

Positive Thinking, Living, and Learning...more

It Keeps Me Running

  When do you unplug? I found myself checking my email in the middle of the night last week on my cell phone and then wondering why I can't sleep. I like to keep it on my nightstand in case my son texts me, but enough is enough. From now on I unplugging from all electronics 2 hours before bed so that I can breathe and unwind....more

Time for Change

Change is hard. Harder for some people than others but I think most people would agree, that change is hard.   My Book Club, a very small group of great gals is facing a change. We had a hard time getting together throughout the summer because of vacations and other responsibilities out of the home. That's life, right? I thought we may be headed towards dissolving our book club, but that idea didn't seem to go over too well. So it is time for change. ...more

Perimenopause: Longing For The Red Tent

Here is the pain again… in all its spiral curves, dips and dives – plunging me into a dark unrecognizable place which has no identifying landmarks. Looking into the mirror, my waist seems to mimic my fuzzy brain, both going flaccid overnight. Just moments away from making peace with my body, out of nowhere a hormonal hell has stepped in, taken over, and apparently sideswiped the person who was once me. I am exhausted. Who does this body belong to? It couldn’t be mine. Do I really look this gray and achromatic?...more
I promise it will all be OK!  For most of us, you will be relieved to know, medication is not ...more

Why Do So Many Women Neglect Their Private Feminine Hygiene?

Sarah Reilly Why do women neglect their intimate areas? Feminine Cleansing products have long been relegated to the bottom of the shelf and are given little value in the world of women's products. This would seen counter-intuitive in a world where women are sold special creams for most other parts of their body, including eye cream, face creams, hand creams, foot creams and neck creams. Did I forget something??? Women even focus more on products for their hair, legs and fingernails. ...more

Cindy Adams on Sexual Harassment

Her advice? ...more

The Next 50!

Today is the first episode of my Internet radio show, "The Next 50 Are For You" and I am tweaking with nervousness!  Thank goodness it isn't internet TV!...more

Angry at Letterman over the "S" word

Letterman's last top-ten was on Sarah Palin's trip to New York. Some of the bits were funny, "keyed Tina Fey's car." And then one absolutely wasn't: "bought makeup to update slutty flight attendant look"  Hillary Clinton was "too manly." Sarah Palin was "too pretty" (read: stupid). When will it stop being okay to marginalize powerful women based on sexuality in America?   Admittedly, I'm a Palin fan - though I don't agree with her on everything. But women everywhere should be saying this isn't right.   ...more