It's After Labor Day. Are You Wearing White?

I’m anything but a fashionista. My closet is lined with seasons past, off the rack. But like any good Southern girl, I was brought up with a healthy respect for the number one fashion rule: wear no white after Labor Day....more
The only rule I follow is not to wear white shoes after labor day but that is more of a personal ...more

Ode to Women

I’ve long contended Southern California is one of the most beautiful places on earth. While the rest of the United States is either buried in snow or dealing with the misery of old man winter, California residents are loving life. As I write this, it’s March 2012 and the temperature outside is a balmy seventy-five degrees and I’m gazing out my window at waving palm fronds framed by a cloudless sky. It’s days like these where I feel truly lucky to be alive....more

The Second Day of the Rest of My Life

The Second Day of the Rest of my LifeHow do you fit a lifetime into a few short days.  Will he be with us for a few weeks, months, days, hours, at this point nobody knows....more

I am much more than my Breasts!

Warning! This post is very personal and I talk about a private body part of mine. Please feel free to move on if you are sensitive to this subject. So, if you know me in 'real' life, you know that I am, as some say, blessed in the chest. Only I don't consider it a blessing anymore....more
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This Time, Women Are Here To Stay

Back in 2008, when Hillary Clinton was running for president, I came across an old black and white pictorial book on American women from the late 1940′s at a used book fundraiser.  Since I was feeling more than a little dispirited over the fate of women at the time, I bought the book hoping for inspiration from the “Rosie the riveter” generation of women.  The book was “Women Are Here to Stay: The Durable Sex in its Infinite Variety Through Half a Century of American Life”and I have to confess, that the title intrigued me....more
It feels good to know that our own earlier struggles as women in the workplace may have helped ...more

Love The Addict; Hate The Addiction

There are so many difficult things about loving someone who is an addict. There is the lying, the manipulation, the loss of trust and the enabling. Enabler is not a title we strive for in life, and yet most of us have enabling relationships in our lives....more

How Guilt Holds Us Back

So many of us live under an oppressive cloud of heavy guilt. We are plagued by regret of decisions made and actions taken, words spoken, or opportunities not explored. We feel as though we have done so many things wrong and we forget about all of the things that we have done right....more

The breast talk

I attended a health seminar about 2 years ago where the speakers talked about the carcinogenic contents that most deodorants contain and how they can cause breast cancer.  As if that wasn’t enough, one of the speakers, a man mounted the stage and the first thing he said ‘Most women do not know that the type of ...more

Christian Louboutin says His Heels SHOULD be Painful

It really is no suprise, I mean look at the hight of these shoes:...more