March is for... Women and the Arts

The best thing about March is the annual outpouring of information about women. This year's rich harvest includes some terrific profiles of women's work in photography, theater, and museum leadership. Make no mistake - new ground is being broken here, and we are still seeing many "firsts". ...more
Great idea about the festival. I love it. The amount of female writers/literary artists is not ...more

Valerie’s Story: How Intention and Power Tool #3 Landed a Big Promotion

“Sometimes feedback on the tangible results of leadership training is hard to come by because they may be indirect or hard to attribute to the training itself. This true story, however, is different. There is a direct line between what I taught and what happened. Read my Q and A with Valerie Brown and cheer her with me.”...more

Women's Leadership Stars on Broadway.

I recently had my Broadway debut. No, seriously, check out this video of Feminomics  interviewing me and Susan Arnot Heaney at the Women Leadership Summit  just after we had both spoken on a panel smack in the middle of Times Square.

A vision, a goal, and some mustard: Women’s leadership @ ASU

Somebody once gave me a greeting card that read, "Just when you think you are done, you are really just beginning." That is certainly my story with Take The Lead which I co-founded with my wonderful partner-in-good Amy Litzenberger. So when the question came up about how I came to be teaching this online certificate course, ...more

Politics or People?

The nature of government is a central topic in this election.  What is it's role?  Whom does it serve? Can it be trusted?  Does it create jobs or not?  Is it like a business?  Is the economy more productive  if the President has experience in business?  The answer to the last question has been answered by history, and the answer is no....more

Hurricane Todd Hits Democratic Convention in Charlotte

I attended the 2008 Democratic convention as a guest and sent out daily emails to friends about my experiences. As a Hillary supporter with a lot of Hillary friends, the Denver convention was high drama -- how would Hillary be treated? How would her speech be received? Would Barack win over those harboring resentment? I felt the Democrats left the last convention with some healing and more unity after the bruising primaries of 2007-2008 and they rallied to get out the vote for the election of Barack Obama....more

Activating The Woman Effect

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Women Call for Obama to Act: Linda Tarr-Whelan and Jacki Zehner

This piece was originally posted as a op-ed on August 25th. The week of August 25th marked Women’s Equality Day, the commemoration of women’s suffrage achieved in 1920. What better time to take stock of what’s left to do? We need a national conversation led by the White House to explore how women decision-makers can help achieve better economic performance and a more prosperous future for all. The administration of <...more

Martha Coakley Will Win & I'd Vote For Her

Yes, I would vote for her if I was eligible to vote in Massachusetts.  And yes, I do expect she will win. I could be wrong - wouldn't be the first time (I wanted Joe Biden in the 2008 primary), but that's my prediction. Regular readers can guess why: I'm a reliable left of center voter except on a few issues (I vote against casinos and am very independent when Israel is involved, rarely going into the move all Israelis to Siberia territory but also reliably against settlement expansion)....more

But were you ever likely to vote for her and now you are not? Or were you never someone who ...more

Are Women's Leadership Trainings Inherently Feminist?

When Nellie B. of The F-Bomb attended a pre-college leadership program for young women this summer, she "anticipated a group of smart, articulate young feminists, eager to share their knowledge, skills and connect with like-minded girls." She was surprised to find that, despite writing several essays about feminism, slightly more than ten percent of the attendees identified as feminists. Nellie wrote: ...more