An Open Letter To All Pro-Choice Organizations

Dear NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, RH Reality Check and any and all people and entities who are pro-choice,I am infertile. I want nothing more than to have a child. Wait. There might be one thing I want more than a child - I want the government to stay out of my uterus. Well, if I still had one I'd want them out of it.You may be surprised to learn that most of us who can't have children (or have lots of difficulty doing so) are NOT in favor of banning abortions so there will be more babies available to adopt. No. Simply...NO....more

Taking The Big Leap -- I'm Getting Sterilized!

For the past year I've been considering permanent birth control.  My default choice was tubal ligation but I'm not incredibly keen on having surgery, seeing how the only surgery I've ever had was eye surgery when I was a year old.  I found out about the Essure procedure last year and have been looking at it as a possible option, and after a lot of research, I've decided to have that done.  I verified with our insurance company at work that it is, in fact, covered, and I made an appointment at a w ...more

Pointed Comments on the Blunt Amendment

Last week, the ability to control our fertility nearly careened over a cliff when the Blunt Amendment came up for a vote in the U.S. Senate. Sponsors of the Amendment were angered by the impending rule requiring insurers to provide contraception, sterilization, and other health services to women when their employers objected on religious grounds. The bill they drafted allowed any employer to refuse to provide insurance coverage for any treatment to which the employer had a moral or conscience objection. Impassioned debate from the floor of the U.S....more
@WomanInDC Is your job beating you down? Let me help you start a home business. You can do it I ...more

Why It Sucks to be a Woman Today

As you know by now, I believe strongly in rights for women and I absolutely can not stand it when politicians, (mostly celibate) clergyMEN, and anyone else starts telling me (and my daughter) what I can and can not do with my reproductive organs and how much they expect me to pay for these "rights." ...more

Forced Sterilization: Oppressing Latin America’s Womb

The idea of an HIV-positive woman giving birth to a child may bring up issues about health and responsibility. However, the State or government agency should not hold the authority to deprive a woman of her agency and right to make decisions regarding her body. This is exactly what occurred in the case of 36-year-old Julia, a HIV-positive woman who was forcibly sterilized in Chile. ...more

Really informative and sad, thanks for the post more

New Anti-Abortion Oklahoma Laws Apply Emotional Screws to Choice

In what could be considered an excellent example of states' rights versus federal law that protects women's reproductive and civil rights, the Oklahoma legislature voted Tuesday to override Democratic Gov. Brad Henry's veto of two constraining abortion laws. One requires pregnant women to see the fetus in the womb and hear details about its development and appearance so the women will understand that they carry life, babies. The other law protects doctors from lawsuits if they fail to inform women of a fetal defect. ...more
The doctor's job is to give the pregnant woman information. She then is responsible for whatever ...more

On Labor Day, Working Women Need Straight Answers from John McCain

Dear Blogher Friends: Carole Joffe and I co-wrote this post to share our thoughts on the intersection between economic and reproductive justice in women's lives, and to inform people about John McCain's positions on this topic. What additional quesstions do you have for him? Please tell us in your comments. ...more