Daphne Pinkerson, Director of HBO's "Triangle: Remembering The Fire"

When visiting my aunt in Washington Square, I can’t count the number of times I’ve passed where the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occurred, unaware the building still existed in the NYU sprawl. It’s strange how certain events make it into schoolbooks, others disappearing into thin air. One hundred years later, Daphne Pinkerson’s film Triangle: Remembering the Fire, tells the personal stories of those affected by the tragedy that changed US worker’s rights forever. ...more

That's what Daphne and I spoke about at length. My hope is that filmmakers humanizing tragedies ...more

Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

If you end up behind me on the twisting roads of my small New England town you'll probably see the heads of several children (mostly) happily bopping around the backseat of my Volkswagen van, some of them mine, some of them friends. You'll see me trying, in vain, to keep order. You'll also probably notice the  Keep Abortion Legal sticker on the back of my van. More than one person has commented on the incongruity of the two images: the van nearly constantly full of children and the pro-choice bumpersticker. I don't see it. ...more

Frederick Douglass on Women's Rights: “Right is of No Sex”

In honor of Black History Month, I thought it was only appropriate to remember a man who stood alongside women in their fight for equality for almost half a century. That man was Frederick Douglass. ...more


Like many women who identify themselves as feminists, Kathleen Turner and I are divided in our presidential candidate pick. We spent 18 months collaborating on her just-released memoir, Send Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love, and Leading Roles. During that time, we talked about politics quite a bit, because she sees herself as an activist as well as an actor. ...more

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Thanks for posting this here! I also saw it at your blog!more

Women's Reproductive Rights Issues

This morning I opened an email from a fellow Squid lensmaster asking for clarification on whether depo vera was available in Jamaica for free to women. This was a continuation of a short conversation carried out via the comment features on my Woman Freedom, Women's Reproductive Rights and Women's Rights Issues Squidoo lens and her Birth Control Prices Squidoo lens. ...more