Women are Humans Too

By Suna AkyuzThe problem perhaps with women’s rights issues is the use of the word women. It is a simple problem with detrimental effects to the cause. The word women is alienating to half the world population, and misleading to even its proponents, because the fact is, and let’s be clear, the issue of women’s rights is a human rights issue....more

The Battle Against Child Marriage: One Step Forward

Many little girls in the western world dream of the day when they will become brides, imagining themselves the most beautiful, special, and celebrated person in the world on that magical day.However, for many girls around the world, marriage is not far away – and with it, all the responsibilities and duties of a wife....more

Equal Pay Day Controversy

So, Tuesday was equal pay day. For those of you who somehow don't know about this, it represents the day women have to work up to before they've made as much as men made the previous year.At 77 cents to the dollar, we have to work an extra 98 days....more

If Men could Menstruate

I have something to say to all the men out there:  I can be sexist too but I'm a work in progress.  Just be a work in progress you don't need to be perfect.  Like today, I was trying to post something on a website run by women for women and for the life of me it would not work, I thought to myself, well, no wonder women are doing the tech work for this.  ...more

Collecting herstories in Egypt

In the words of Maissan Hassan, a 29-year-old Egyptian woman who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Studies. She is Programme Manager for the Women and Memory Forum (WMF), a grantee of UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality. ...more

So Much More Than the "Right Thing" To Do

My colleague and great friend Sarah Bibler wrote this week's post.  She's an expert in how gender issues fit into a nation's economic growth, and how US foreign policy can do both good and ill for women around the world.  She turns her focus towards the US in this piece, and explains how we could use our public policy to empower women and invigorate the economy at the same time.  Welcome, Sarah! ...more

I Went to the Texas Capitol In Support Of Women's Rights

Something seriously interesting is happening at the Texas Capitol. On the heels of last week’s 11 hour filibuster by State Senator Wendy Davis, over 5000 people took to the statehouse to protest the special session called by Governor Rick Perry to vote in the controversial bill severely limiting access to abortions in the Lone Star State. ...more
Dani, believe it or not, I had a girlfriend who didn't know she was pregnant until she was 5 ...more

Project Orange, Women around the world #standwithwendy

Texas human beings are continuing the hard-fought battle protecting what little bodily autonomy women have there, with Sen. Wendy Davis at the helm. Thousands of supporters are descending upon the Capital for this second special session as called by Governor Rick Perry who as the meme goes, is so prolife he executed 234 people. You know, it's different and stuff. Well, yes, it IS different. To show a little support from around the world, we gathered a few pictures of those who could not be there in person, but donned orange to lend their voices to the mix, as best they could....more

The Luckiest: Canadian Thoughts on U.S. Abortion and Gay Marriage Rulings

Yesterday was a slow day for me. I had a long day at work and came home immediately to take a nap. When I woke up, however, the Internet was in an uproar....more

This is the century for women and gender equality

Author: Lakshmi Puri, UN Women Cross-posted from Trust Law ...more