Rights Clashing with Rights is Wrong

Arizona's Senate Judiciary Committee has voted six to two to endorse a bill that would allow employers in that state to deny women birth control if it is used to prevent pregnancy. This opens the door further so that should employees use birth control to prevent pregnancy, they could lose their jobs....more

Once Again Women and Their Rights are Violated!

To be completely honest I am not sure I ever have the right words to completely and accurately describe my emotions about some of the disgusting things that are happening in the world.  I do however know that my entire being becomes so enraged I shake when I read all the immoral and brutish things that politicians and governments are getting away with when it comes to violating women and their right’s!...more

The Advice Column of Shame: On Perpetuating Rape Culture

Dear Emily Yoffe,If a woman does not consent to having sex and has sex, she is a victim of rape. It does not matter if she was biting, kicking and screaming, or if she was too drunk. It's really quite simple. A woman giving consent equals consensual sex. A woman not giving consent equals non-consensual sex. Non-consensual sex equals rape. That's it....You all know Dear Prudence. What would you think the advice given on this question would be?...more

Miss Representation and the Beauty of the Internet

Newest Miss Representation Trailer (2011 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection) from Miss Representation on Vimeo. ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 10: Living in Shades of Grey (Both Sides of Personhood Get It Wrong)

   This is an excerpt from today's blog post: Living in Shades of Grey*There is a trigger warning on this post for stillbirth and hospital treatment*Motherhood...more

Real Men Blame the Rapist, Not the Rape Victim

I attended this weekend's SlutWalk Minneapolis with my three-year-old daughter, because I want her to grow up knowing nobody has the right to tell her avoiding rape is her responsibility. Or that she needs to police her look and behavior but a boy does not. ...more

We can do something to stop the insanity of forced abortions abuse of children, right here and now in America.

I am here to allow you to do something super positive for kids in the US. The group of Scientology enforces aborions on it's female staff and abuses children. It also still forces families to disconnect fomr one another! No kidding! This is horribly true but we can do something about it. The links at the bottom are for your edification. We just need to sign this valid petition with only 5,000 sigs to the President of the United States and Scientology will be investigated by the US gov. The links are safe and absolutely no spam....more

Dispatch From Type-A Land: Weekend "To Do" List for August 5

Happy Friday everybody! Big week of illness and victories for women's rights. Firstly, I came down with something on Sunday and have been sleeping ever since. Monday and Tuesday I came home from the day job, had some soup, then went to bed at 6:30 PM. After two days of this I still wasn't feeling better so off to the doctor. Then Matty came home and he went a-doctoring too. So now we're two stuffed-up crankypants dragging ourselves to work and then back into bed. Hooray! The good news is that there's nothing like soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, even if it is pre-payday soup and the grilled cheese was made by grating the string cheese left in the fridge....more

War is Menstruation Envy---Gloria Steinem

Do you get scared when you hear the word, Feminist? What do you picture? Do you picture a bunch of butch dike biker chicks with chainsaws ready to chop off the next dick that pisses them off? That’s a tad harsh, don’t you think? Do you know that every word in the English language that has been used to solely denote women as been demonized. Harlot, Whore etc. used to just mean woman. Feminist is the new demonized word. ...more

Hillary's Disappearing Act: It's Not Magic!

When is Hillary Clinton invisible? Never.  Ms Clinton, not being the wallflower type, is a woman who likely demands her rights rather than asking for them.  She is the kind of woman who gets served first in coffee shops, even at eight on a weekday or who can get a cab just by staring hard at the next yellow light heading down the street. It’s hard to imagine her being overlooked. That is unless you happen to be Der Tzitzung...Continue...more