But She Wanted To

“I don’t see how there can be coercion if a woman seeks out an adoption agency because she has already made the decision that adoption is her best choice.”...more

LOL. Please let me apologize for not looking at your name when I initially commented. I realize ...more

Scalia: 14th Amendment Doesn't Protect Against Gender Discrimination

In the January 2011 edition of California Lawyer, United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia explains how the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution does not protect against sex discrimination....more

Yeah - you know - a galvinizing force - yin and yang - guess we really need that ...more

Samar Badawi is in prison

Two years ago, Samar Badawi, then 30, signed a petition to allow women to drive here in Saudi. Six months ago that petition was used in court by her father to prove Samar, a divorced mother of one son, was “deviant”, and disobedient, and to justify charges against her of ”filial ingratitude. ...more

The Time is Right for a Saudi Women's Ministry

The talk of establishing a Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Saudi Arabia raises exciting possibilities for Saudi women, particularly businesswomen who need unfettered access to the international business community. Yet the proposal could lead to further marginalization of Saudi women.The idea of a governmental women’s department may sound quaint in the 21st century, but in Saudi Arabia where every progressive step comes in the smallest increments, it makes sense....more

Rise and Revolt - Catholic Women take on the Vatican

Any remarkable opinion or movement shared by women will be the first sign of revolution. - Emerson In recent years, we've grown used to seeing women in leadership positions in various protestant churches....more

Help Women in the "Rape Capital of the World" - Run for Congo Women UK

The crisis in the Congo continues to rage claiming thousands of lives every day. This conflict particularly affects women and girls as they are systematically raped as a combat strategy to terrorise and humiliate.Tens-of-thousands of women and girls have experienced sexual violence - some raped whilst on the way to school, others while fetching water, and many are kept as sex slaves for soldiers....more

Moms In The Workforce: Why Are We Discriminated Against?

On August 26th the nation will observe Women's Equality Day, in commemoration of the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote....more

Women's Liberation: Why I Couldn't Have Lived at Any Other Time in History

The other night I was watching "Mad Men" -- a show ostensibly about the machinations of the Madison Avenue advertising industry of the mid-sixties, but in truth more about what the lives of women were like during that era -- when I realized something. The only time in history I could've ever existed was during the past forty years.  ...more

I too am grateful to be living at this precise time in history. So much has changed for women ...more

Dorothy Height, Queen of the Civil Rights Movement, Dead at 98

Dorothy Height, matriarch of the civil rights movement and women's rights activist, died today at age 98. She is best known for her work in racial and gender equality. She labored tirelessly to enforce the 14th amendment of the Constitution. ...more

I'm certain that I'll never look at hats in the same way after this comment. What a beautiful ...more

Feminism? Or Good Social Policy?

I am quite concerned about the apparent confusion in the mainstream media between “feminism” and women’s rights and affirmative action. As a consequence media coverage of women’s rights seems narrowly focused on issues that concern upper middle class women – for example progress in appointing more women to high status positions (for example the increase in women doctors, lawyers, judges, CEOs, etc)....more