Running For A Cause

Today was the day of the “virtual run” in memory of  Sherry Arnold. Sherry was a high school teacher in Sidney, Montana. She was also a wife, a mother, and a runner. On January 7 Sherry went for an early morning run and never came home. She was abducted and murdered by two men from Colorado. Her body has not been found.             I learned about Sherry from reading her cousin’s blog, “Shut Up and Run”....more

What Do You Do When You Feel Unsafe?

Every morning I go for a walk in a park near my home. I walk 3 or 4 miles, alone, and I generally feel safe while doing so. However, I watch the news. I watch Law & Order. I know that bad things can happen to anyone anytime, no matter how much you think ‘oh, it can’t happen to me.’...more

honestly, a women's self defense class really isn't going to be 100% useful. take boxing, ...more

Avoiding Vehicle Attacks

According to a national crime victimization survey report titled, "Violence Against Women," conducted and reported by Ronet Bachman, Ph.D., with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., 43 percent of the attacks on women were by strangers and occurred outside the home. ...more