Strong Words: What I Said to a Cop and Why

I decided to take a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) class with my friend Jen because it sounded like a good idea and it was free. (You can get me to do almost anything if you entice me with "free." I was raised by the cheapest people on earth.) In the first segment of the class we had some discussion, and I mentioned that I was a "survivor." ...more

Right on-- strength comes in many forms. more

Start Screaming!

Women, it seems, don't like to scream. But our lives may depend on learning how. I'm taking a course in women's self-defense, and the man teaching it is very blunt about the skills we need to survive robbers and rapists. If a man orders us to go somewhere with him, don't go. If he wants our purse, throw it to him and run the other way; the contents can be replaced but our lives can't. And when confronted, start screaming and don't stop. Along with showing us how to fight back with punches, kicks and more, the teacher asked the eleven of us to let out a big scream. I had my mouth half-open to start, but I paused just a split second so we'd all be screaming at the same time. Then I realized: No one was letting out so much as a peep. ...more