That's Not How A Vagina Is Supposed To Look... Or Is It?

Warning: This post contains graphic photos of real women.A couple of weeks ago my friend, The Hot Italian, sent me an article about vagina censorship. It seems that the oldest student newspaper in Australia, Honi Soit, published cover photos of 18 vaginas (vulvas really, with some labias poking out), and just before the paper went to print, the university decided to stick a black rectangle over the "juicy" parts of the photos to avoid a lawsuit. ...more
Weaffair Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery vs. Female Genital Mutilation. Both share a deep hatred ...more

Sex Tips! Starting At The Bottom: An Intro to Anal Play, Part 1

As I mentioned a couple of time in the last week, I facilitated a workshop on anal play for a local sex toy store.  Not only did the workshop go wonderfully, the people that attended had awesome questions to ask.  It was a great help to have questions asked to make sure that all their fears and needs were being met and discussed, but it also showe ...more

Good Clean Love

Research studies believe that over 40% of women have at one time in their lives suffered from sexual dysfunction and the most common concern is vaginal dryness which is associated with arousal response and pain during sex.  Add to this the fact that the majority of personal lubricants on the market contain potentially harmful chemicals and irritants. What’s a girl to do? Go natural, that’s what.  It doesn’t make sense to me to use lubricants that contain potentially dangerous petro-chemicals that have been linked to cancer, or products that contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol and other ingredients that can irritate the sensitive tissues of the vulva and vagina.  I try to eat organic vegetables and buy locally grown products, so why would I not treat my sex life with the same love and respect? Read the rest of the article at Pop My Cherry. ...more

Phew! I'm not the only woman who hated sex while married.

An article called Married Women Hate Sex caught my attention this morning as I browsed around on momlogic.  Of the 2,500 married women who particpated in this poll, 50% said they found sex either depressing, embarassing or a hassle.  Moreover, 29% said they were just too tired, 26% said they would rather read a book, and 23% had sex only because they wanted their husbands to be happy. ...more
itstrue I totally agree with your last line.  When someone changes in a relationship and doesn't ...more