Do You Support Women's Sports? I Haven't And That Needs To Change.

For those of my readers who do not know, I actually have two blogs. The "mommy blog” is Connelly Confusion, and the sports blog is Gameday Goodness. GG has been terribly neglected since November but those of you in the blogosphere know how that can go....more
 @@jschonb I agree. It starts with one, you know?more

Skate this, Crazy Eyeris!

You meet the nicest people on BlogHer.Interacting as we do, Chattering back and forth across the virual back fence, we learn much about life and each other. Meeting for coffee, or other beverages way before 5 o'clock, secrets flow out into cyberspace and find a home with real eyes, listening ears and open hearts.That's how I learned about the new women's skating craze, Roller Derby....more
@Laine Griffin YAY! LAINE! We have all been waiting for you to appear! The party girl of the ...more

Secret to Success: Get Your Game On, Girls!

This month we enter the 40th anniversary year of the enactment of Title IX legislation, which ensures equal access to both boys and girls in federally-funded educational programs and activities, and I find myself thinking about what greater sports participation has meant for women, our daughters, sisters and sports as we know it....more

Women’s Sports in the Media and Women in Sports Media - Are They the Same?

Throughout the Women’s Final Four earlier this month in Indianapolis, a number of special interest events took place. Of particular note were two panels that addressed women, sports and the media....more

Fans of women's sports don't need to accept the status quo. Support female athletes by attending ...more

High Schoolers Make Baseball History Throwing Like Girls

Like Marti Sementelli and Ghazaleh Sailors, my baseball career started around age five. However, my stint as a ball player ended around age five and a half, when I quickly figured out that my lack of hand-eye coordination along with my fear of a ball being thrown at me didn’t work well with the general idea of baseball. But Sementelli and Sailors, now 18 and 17 respectively, are stand-outs in the game because of more than just good hand-eye coordination. ...more

As the mom of a baseball playing girl I am so happy to come across this story! My girlie will ...more

Stanford Women's Basketball off to a great 2011

C and R Stanford Women's Basketball Blog Stanford is off to a great year, with their historic win over UConn. Relive all the action as desribed by C and R! ! ...more

UCONN Women's Basketball Break Win Record

The University of Connecticut Women's Basketball team has not lost a game since April 6. April 6, 2008 that is. ...more

The first time I watched SportsCenter this morning more time was spent on discussing Mike Vick ...more

ESPN Prepares to Launch New Brand Aimed at Women

ESPN has announced plans to launch a new brand aimed at a female demographic -- espnW. Before you get too excited, it looks like it is just going to be a website and a Facebook page. In fact, as far as I can tell so far, it is just a Facebook page, a twitter account and a splash page. It seems as if there is a possibility of it becoming a television network in the future, but it is not currently in the works. ...more

I think it's condescending. Saying that women need a sports channel is like saying we didn't ...more

White House Closes Loophole in Title IX Legislation

Today United States Vice President Joe Biden announced that the White House was withdrawing a Bush Administration interpretation of Title IX policy. The policy in question allowed for a loophole that allowed for a less than strict compliance with the rules of Title IX.From Jill Dougherty, CNN:...more

The Lingerie Football League. That's Right. You Heard Me. Lingerie Football.

I warned you back in May not to get me started on the Lingerie Football League. Yes, the Lingerie Football League. The LFL for short. The thing that makes Sarah's eyes bleed and steam shoot out of her ears. ...more
Porn and sport.... perfect for the collage beer drinking male - ...more