Quick! What’s Happening August 26, Really?

If you said “Women’s Equality Day,” you’d be right.And if you said it’s the 95th anniversary of the date in 1920 when women’s right to vote officially entered the U.S. Constitution, you’d be spot on....more

Women's History - Getting the Vote Was Violent Business

I wrote this post for The Shriver Report, where it originally appeared on March 21, 2014.  They have kindly given me permission to post it here in full.  Here is a link to its original appearance....more
BlogHerNews The take away from our advocacy workshop last night. If you're not educated. You're ...more

Alice Paul's Equal Rights Amendment Back at the Plow

Yesterday, March 22, was World Water Day. That got a modicum of press. But did you know it was also the 39th anniversary of the date on which Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) passed out of the U. S. Congress and was sent to the states to be ratified? Probably not. And yet, if there is a resource women need as much as clean water, it must be the guarantee of equality under the law. ...more

There are laws already enacted to protect against discrimination. If a new attempt to pass ERA ...more

Women's Equality Day: Are we there yet?

Women's Equality Day, August 26, is a holiday first proposed by Rep. ...more

Leader's Moment of Decision Led to Women's Equality Day

Leaders make decisions every day, but some days are more significant than others. Those are the days on which we face moments of decision at the moral crossroads. One such crossroads was the reason we celebrate August 26 as Women's Equality Day. ...more

Tonight: In Women's Equality Day Speech, Hillary Clinton Will Look With Long Eyes

All eyes will be on Hillary Clinton when she speaks tonight at the Democratic National Convention. ...more