First Vote for 95 Year Old Woman in Virginia

"He's not for the Whites.  He's not for the Blacks.  He says we are all one." 95 year old woman registers to vote for the first time in her life  She was born when Woodrow Wilson was President.  Amazing.   ...more

All I can say is WOW! 


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Satuday Morning Coffee Questions on Women and Voting Power

I've been interviewed many times over the years by AP reporter David Crary, and he always does a great job of capturing sensitive and complex cultural issues that many other journalists can only simplify into polarized extremes. His byline article today, in which he also interviews several of my most esteemed colleagues and fondest friends-with whom I don't necesarily agree on this issue--is no exception. Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama By DAVID CRARY – 1 hour ago ...more