Stay-at-Home Dads Encounter the Problem Without a Name

The press has discovered the “invisibility” of stay-at-home fathers and is making hay of same. Never mind that Betty Friedan already told us all about this, now it is real, now it is a problem, because now it is happening to men. That’s annoying in the same way that it’s annoying that a mom who writes about potty training is uninteresting and narcissistic while a dad who does the same is a revolutionary. But setting annoyance aside, I welcome this newfound interest in the plight of the stay-at-home parent....more
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Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold: An Introductory Excerpt

Work and love. Love and work. It is in the artful interweaving of these two primary life-strands through the duration of a woman’s life that deep fulfillment is sought—and often found. And it is a fair assumption that when the virtue of discipline is added, wisdom may be the result, and much good brought forth—with God’s help....more @Isabel_Anders I am already passing along the good news. :)more

The Value of Women's Work Can Change the Workplace

Isn't it amazing that Blatch made this argument 113 years ago? Her point still resonates today. A study released by the Center for American Progress shows that in the down economy, women increasingly became the sole breadwinners, despite the persistent wage gap, since men were being laid off at higher rates to trim companies' bottom line. More and more men defined themselves as "stay-at-home fathers." Women were fully half the paid workforce as of last year, and because women were concentrated in lower paying jobs were less likely to be laid off. ...more
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"Because Women's Work is Always Undervalued:" Why Child Care Workers are Some of The Lowest Paid Professionals in America

I don't have children, and I do not plan to have any. Yet, in my mind, child care and early childhood education is the most important issue any nation faces. In the United States, we pay a lot of lip service to the importance of child care and early education, recognizing the field as critical to parents' ability to go to work, as a way to prepare young children for school, and as a safe place for older kids to go after school while their parents are at work. ...more

Not only that, but it is not a skill or talent that counts as work, and therefore should not be ...more

End Violence Against Sex Workers

Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Here are some of my thoughts on why violence against sex workers happens and some suggestions for helping to end it: ...more

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Thank you for this post. I think the most powerful thing you said is "Don't sit ...more