Damsel in Dismay

I had just pushed my very full cart up to my van when I noticed a woman a few cars from mine watching me. Not watching me like she was waiting on someone from inside the store and I just happen to be the most exciting thing happening in front of her. But watching me like…well…like a dog watches humans doing anything.“What’s she doing? What’s that? I wonder what’s in those bags? Hey! Lady! Bark! Bark! Bark!”...more

Safety Tips for Women Who Live Alone

Living alone in a big city can be dangerous no matter whether you are a man or a woman, more so if you are a woman. There is an increasing crime rate report even in the safest of cities. Crimes associated with a woman living alone can be more dangerous than robbery and scams....more

Do You Feel Safe as a Woman Riding Mass Transit?

Do you consider yourself safe when you ride mass transit? A recent article in The Atlantic indicates how women's safety in public transit may have more to do with financial access than the the hour a person waits for a ride home. Image Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, via Flickr...more
I get nervous on the subway if I make eye contact with homeless people and the young thug ...more

My Car Was Stolen- Kind of

The afternoon started out seemingly uneventful. My agenda included getting my nails done and grocery shopping. As is typical in South Carolina, the temperature hovered in the upper 90's.I walked into my nail salon, anxious to get a much needed tune up. My nail attendant (what do I call this person?) hovers nearby- why must I feel pressure when pondering  if You're a Pisa Work or Pink Flamenco will be the color of the week? The color selection is not mind boggling, it can just become overwhelming looking at 100 bottles of nail polish....more