Who says guys can't be feminists?

Male high school students aren’t the typical attendees of Feminism 101.  Yet at the Elizabeth Irwin High School (LREI) in the U.S. some of the guys got a message about what it feels like to be a girl and ended up being okay with calling themselves feminists. Take a look at this video from Upworthy. ...more

Can I Be a Feminist If I Don't Agree With You?

I spent the weekend with some beautiful women. They were intelligent (like getting-into-the-best-business-school-in-the-country smart), driven (like being one of only a small group of women in their industry) and engaged (like being a member of the Peace Corps and a senior-level executive in the federal government.) Despite being heavy hitters in their fields, they embraced my lowly but admired profession of a blogger covering the wine-drinking and play date scene....more
I'll not tiptoe around this: I completely disagree with you about Hobby Lobby. I do believe, as ...more