The Insidious Power of Latent Limiting Beliefs

As vain and self-assured as this might sound, I never thought I was the type of person who needed a life coach. It’s with a healthy dose of humility that I admit to blindly beginning the process of becoming one, feeling around in the dark as I navigated the unknown. Along the way, there have been some cringe-worthy setbacks that stopped me in my tracks and jostled the cynic in me—the biggest was coming face-to-face with one of my own latent limiting beliefs.Because the world isn’t always pretty, I’ve had to toughen up....more

Finding the Shine: My Journey from Miserable Marzia to Marvelous Marzia

Who knew I would become a lifestyle transformation coach for a living? Years ago, when I was living as Miserable Marzia, I would’ve never imagined it. But I know from firsthand experience that change is always possible!...more

Renew With a Girlfriends Weekend

I just had the Best. Weekend. Ever.  I hosted my annual Spinsterlicious Girlfriends Weekend at my house in Long Island.  Thirteen of my favorite friends came from near (NYC), far (San Francisco), and in between (Washington, DC) to hang out for the weekend, eat great food, drink good drinks, bond, laugh, share stories, and just have a grand old time.  It was inspiring and just plain old fun. ...more

The Woman I gave up on & regret

You have touched my heart today, June, for I believe that has has led you to talk to me today. ...more

Hear Me Roar!

Women all over the world are finding their voices. It’s a new voice, one that cannot be bullied, outsmarted or squashed. This article highlights how women are taking to the streets for the rights of other women. That’s change and it’s contagious. changed, why now?...more

This is how they'll do it - UK work mums

  Hot off the press from the Guardian this morning: - the very reason why In Our Shoes has turned its focus on: supporting working mums in the UK.   Read more at In Our Shoes:  ...more

It's Not About Epidurals; It's About Support

A study was released last week that claims laboring women who opt for an epidural to relieve pain are less likely to end up with pelvic floor damage. The news was met with mixed reviews. In fact, the news was delivered in a variety of ways, from the informative to the judgment laden. At the very least, the study got people talking. ...more
A non-mum here but surely everyone has the right to make the medical choice that suits them!more