3.14 Leads To Two Controversies

Today is March 14. As in 3.14. Pi(e) Day. Get it? Pi(e) Day? Pi? Pie? Because pi equals 3.14. Yeah, I don't think it's all that amusing either, but it's morphed into Pie Day and I like pie.My husband loves all kinds of desserts, but I think pie just might be at the top of the pack. He adores any kind of pie: apple, cherry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, French silk, shepherd's pie and chicken pot pie. Peach pie is his all time favorite pie. He loves peach pie almost to the point of needing medication....more

No Girls Allowed: Superheroine movies that are not.

I spent my childhood reading source materials like Greek and Celtic myths, stuff like that....more

More Activities for ElaineR.N.

Well, I am getting reports that Elaine has been a good patient, taking her vitamins while being sensible about her pain medication intake.Because she is doing everything right to speed her recovery, SunbonnetSmart is rewarding her progress with another *TA-DA!* Activity Page. You'll notice I am really getting into this. While homeschooling, I used to make learning puzzles for the Peanut Gallery, but it's been a while. What fun to revive this old skill-set and put it to use....more
@Cindyhuber Ha! CINDY! So funny!!!!!! And, I can swing with all of the above...obviously....even ...more

Wonder Woman Was My Best Friend

So there we were. Me and my best friend, Katie Lynn. Waiting in line to get into Spanky’s, the fancy new dance bar on Fourth Avenue. Per usual, we were decked out. In  mini skirts and high heels.Kenthad done our hair that day. Mine was so short it looked like a baby bird’s. Katie Lynn’s hair resembled Billy Idol’s in the front, except it was almost black, not white. But in the back it hung in waves almost to her bra strap....more
Shoulda mentioned her step dad was a Green Beret:)more

I Found My Inner Wonder Woman

What I do for love!...more

Sometimes a makeover is fun all by itself, but including Wonder Woman in your story made it even ...more

(VIDEO) The Year in Jeggings

They're jeans. They're leggings. They're ... awesome? ...more

My 4yo has jeggings, they just go with/under everything. I on the other hand can't pull off this ...more

Bloggers on Wonder Woman's Leggings: Is the Makeover Superheroic?

At 69, Wonder Woman finally changed out of her Wonderwear. She's got pants! This excites me because, in fact, her new outfit more closely matches the theme song from the '70s TV show: In your satin tights/ Fighting for our rights/ And the old Red, White and Blue And I freely admit that the '70s TV show, not DC Comics, is my canon for all things WW. ...more

I'm glad that WW is being de-sexualized a bit. I like new look. Times have changed, women have ...more

Build Confidence, Act "As If"

I love Wonder Woman Back in the 1970's I loved watching Lynda Carter transform from Diana Prince into Wonder Woman. I also remember having a crush on Lyle Waggoner who played Major Steve Trevor. He was the King of Hot to me. Hawt - as in, I want to "drop it like it's hot" (that one is for you Chelsea and Tasha). Handsome men in military uniforms make me swoon. But I digress...I want to talk about Wonder Woman! ...more

“Mommy Blahs – Be Gone!” by STORMI

“Mommy Blahs – Be Gone!” by STORMI If you are reading this, then I must already be passed on! Not really. I always did hear that on movies though and always thought “Wow, that is a dramatic way to catch someone’s attention.” Although I feel that way some days, I am still here, hoping that a few other mamas will read this and maybe get some comfort in it, maybe even a laugh or two. So, let me start over… If you are reading this during the daytime hours, then you may be a stay at home mom. So here we are, blessed! ...more