Childfree Celebrity Spotlight: The Wonder Years & The Wonder of a Childfree Jack & Norma

Ahh, The Wonder Years. Who among us didn’t laugh our asses off when Wayne lurched his car down the street while “Butthead” tried to hop in? Or cry our eyes out in the final episode when (spoiler alert) Kevin and Winnie didn’t get married?...more

Father Knows Best: Images of Fathers in Popular Culture

Images of fathers surround us on television, in the movies, and through celebrity photography. Portrayals of good dads, bad dads, absent dads, well-meaning-but-feckless dads are everywhere. For Father's Day, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the iconic fathers who appear in popular culture. ...more

Liked it that you included Brad Pitt as himself, he's getting so much publicity with all these ...more