La-Di-Da: Best Movies Ever — Annie Hall

Annie Hall is Woody Allen's masterwork. Released in April, 1977, it won numerous awards, including four Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director (Woody Allen), Best Actress in a Leading Role (Diane Keaton), and Best Original Screenplay (Woody Allen, Marshall Brickman). A love letter of sorts to former girlfriend Diane Keaton, Allen also includes some of his famous New York schtick as well as, for the first time in his films, digging a little deeper. Watching it recently I was struck by how effortless and funny it still is....more

Seriously, I am tired of this crap

Y’all, watching/hearing/reading people defending Woody Allen, the same rotten jackal's taint whose movies repeatedly reference the Fun and Normalcy of Incest and Child Molestation, is wearing on my nerves. I want to be able to see an article, think “I already blogged about that particular segment of rape culture” and move the fuck on with my life. But no. No. No. No....more
Betty Fokker survivelivethrive Hi Betty, thanks so much for your reply!  :)  I just went to FB ...more

The Sexualization of Shirley Temple

Oh, Holy God. Look at this section of the NYT’s obituary of Shirley Temple Black:...more
"So far as I can tell, the black box did no lasting damage to my psyche" I dunno. She was a ...more

Woody Allen's Bullshit Pity-Party

The thing about being a survivor is it becomes exhausting to have to think/talk about it, especially if you have a better, happier life to think about now. Nevertheless, Woody Allen’s “rebuttal” of Dylan Farrow’s accusation was so vile, so reeking of self-absorbed narcissism, so full of his palpable bitchery, and so clearly the rambling self-pity of a child molester that I HAVE to respond. My rage won’t let me do anything else. ...more
All I can say is... AMEN.more

Yes, I am angry

My PTSD is aflame.However, a large part of me doesn’t want to talk about why it is aflame for the same reasons this survivor gives, “because it makes everyone else so visibly uncomfortable”. Once people know you have survived sex abuse as a child, particularly by a family member, they sometimes redefine you as just that. I don’t like that. It gives my molester even MORE influence over the way I live....more
LunaFCS I am so sorry for your pain. I wish there was something I could do to make this not ... ...more

Woody Allen did it, dammit.

I have PTSD. I always feel weird admitting that, because it seems like I should have been through combat or something to justify having it. Nevertheless, I was diagnosed with it years ago. Apparently it can go into remission to the point you hope it is gone, but then it be triggered into a flare-up like it never left. It is mental herpes. ...more

Woody and Mia and the Murky Morality of Art vs. Life

The recent Golden Globes tribute to Woody Allen opened up, once again, a firestorm of criticism. Not of Woody the artist, the filmmaker, but Woody the man. The guy who had a relationship with his longtime girlfriend's adopted daughter. It's still a messy, unpleasant situation for a lot of people. Is it possible to look at Woody's films and career without always dredging up the Mia/Woody/Soon Yi debacle?...more

Rape Culture is: Honoring a Child Molester

You know, I used to think the fact our society trivializes sexual assault by acting as if sex offenders are not really such bad guys was one of the most blatant signs of being a rape culture. It disgusted me that people were welcoming Mike Tyson back into the fold regardless of the fact he raped an 18 year old woman. ...more

Notes From A Scandal

I was living in New York in 1992 when the Woody Allen/Mia Farrow scandal hit. Allegations of sexual abuse were hurled at Woody from Mia's West Side camp across Central Park and the reverberations played out across the endless 72 and larger-point headlines of the New York Post and  Daily News. And also at the movies....more

Woody Allen and Actors

I have to admit that I stopped keeping up with Woody Allen's films on a regular basis in the mid- '90s. Deconstructing Harry was probably the last one I saw in a movie theater until the recent Midnight in Paris....more