Why Does Social Media Want to Kill Woody Harrelson?

The news popped into my email box while I was on the phone with a friend.  "Oh," I cried out.  "Woody Harrelson is dead."  We spent a moment reflecting on the career of Woody Harrelson and talked about how sad it must be for his family.  After the phone call, I realized that it was strange that the same news hadn't popped up as a CNN or New York Times alert, so I Googled "Woody Harrelson" and found that nothing had been written about his death apart from social media.  Which is when I Googled "Woody Harrelson dead" and discovered the long-trending social media story declaring Woody Harrelson dead that won't die itself. Which begs the question: why does social media want to kill off Woody Harrelson? ...more
I saw the same thing with Morgan Freeman a couple days ago. more