Why Word of Mouth Still Matters

Blogging can seem like a daunting and overwhelming undertaking for a beginner with seemingly endless amounts to learn. I've been blogging regularly for almost two years now and yet I am still learning new things!Among the many important things you need to know as a blogger, I think this is one you need to know for 2016: word of mouth marketing....more

Word of Mouth Marketing on Pinterest

As you probably know by now Pinterest is a powerful visual marketing tool. Many marketers are taking advantage of the Pinterest Boards to showcase their products, specials and promotions. ...more

Growing Your Business by Word of Mouth

If you had to solely rely on word of mouth and referrals to grow your business, could you? Would you?...more

How to Sell Ice to Virtual Eskimos

Attached is an article by our CEO Bob Speyer discussing the benefits of selling in the digital space.The art of selling in today’s digital workplace has never been easier and never been harder at the same time. That’s definitely a contradiction, but so is Selling Ice to Eskimos. On first inspection, they “obviously” don’t need ice. And it’s a hard, if not impossible sell at best!...more

Download The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II by Dave Balter

Here's a book for every marketer, The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II. And if you don't like the book, you can at least learn from the book promotion. ...more

Bloggers to Corporate America: Can You Hear Us Now?

As bloggers are wont to do, sharing good and bad customer service experiences has become a standard of the blogging landscape. ...more

One of my happy service experiences was with shoes, too. Not Zappos, but Ecco. I sent some boots ...more