a collectable word...

My name is Cheryl and I'm a collector. For all who know me as a writer and reader, it will come as no surprise that I collect books. This makes me a bibliophile. I also consider myself a logophile, or collector of words, some of my favourites being collective nouns....more
I aspire to minimalism, so I'm not a collector at all.  However, I'm fascinated with the ...more

Interview with Glenn Bassett, author of Wordplay

 Title: WordplayAuthor: Glenn BassettPublisher: Organization DiagnosticsPages: 270Genre: BusinessFormat: Paperback/Kindle...more

Vintage: The New Old

Vintage. A hip, cool term used to sell everything from fashion to cars to furniture.  We love vintage.  I love vintage.  But, who are we kidding?  Vintage is just a nicer way of saying "old"....more

BOLO: Be On The Lookout

Be On the LookOut!   ...more