my 3 favorite wordpress plugins

today i am sharing, as the title implies, my favorite wordpress plugins!one of the biggest reasons i switched from blogger to wordpress was to take advantage of these sweet plugins!...more

Backup a Website Manually - Take charge at Blue Host

We work so hard on our website. We need to protect it! There are different ways to backup a website. Today we will go to the source, Blue Host, and manually backup our website. I will help you step by step.

15 of the Most Common WordPress Mistakes

About the best thing that you can hope for is to make a common mistake. That way even if you do mess up (which you will) you’ll at least be able to find a quick fix by looking at how other people addressed an identical issue. So in the interest of saving time and frustration, have a look at 15 of the most common WordPress mistakes....more

Nov 30 - Is This the End?

Well, here we are.  The last day of my first NaBloPoMo and all I can think about is decorating for Christmas!  The last few years, I’ve been guiltily hum-buggish about the holidays.  Not consciously, it just seemed like they were here long before I was ready for them to be here.  This year has been remarkably different.  I started getting excited for Christmas on Halloween.  I spent the whole month of November switching between blogging and deep-cleaning in preparation for Black Friday – NOT to go shopping – but to start hauling in the crates of lights and garl...more

Thanksgiving Q&A and A Move??

happy Sunday! you know that means Sunday Social!...more

Is Your Blog Sticky? Try These Top 50 WordPress Plugins for Your Website/Blog

WordPress Plugins are a great way to bring in extra bits of functionality to your website/blog and as with much everything else in WordPress, they're surprisingly easy to manage.Do you want to make your website interactive and super sticky?...more

Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper Too?

Despite the witty title, this is a programming note.  And a warning if you hate people who post every day for the hell of it.Today, November 1st, kicks off a month of various writing challenges.  Since I am not a creative writer and have the patience of my cat when the food dish is empty at 4 AM, I am not participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)....more

Blogging through November at

So thanks to WordPress flagging up this initative on their Twitter, I'm signing up my personal blog ( for daily posts from November 1st. My blog is fairly eclectic but does have a focus on reviewing films, theatre, concerts, television and the occasional sporting event.  I also do profiles of people I find interesting and have a few review projects on the go relating to different writers or series....more

Freshly Pressed? Find someone to get fresh with

Don, bustin' the moves at Don Of All Trades, and the Mistress of Peace, Hippie Cahier, both saw their blogs get Freshly Pressed last week. How very cool! I discovered you can follow @freshly_pressed on Twitter and news like this just magically appears in your timeline....more

Wordpress Trackbacks and Pingbacks

Bloggers are spamming other bloggers with phony trackbacks....more