You May Not Be Racist But...

Think twice before you use one of those popular expressions or words meant to highlight someone's short-comings. Years ago when I learned the origin/meaning of "indian giver" I quit using that phrase. Not only is it racist but pretty factually, historically incorrect. Read more on the theory of "Indian Giver". ...more

Words: The Power of the Atom

I am articulate. Words flow with ease, especially when I am upset.Although I have surprised people since I was barely two years old with my mastery of language, it is a gift, pure and simple. No effort on my part at all; words just flow. Probably because I am tiny, words are my defense against anyone who threatens me. According to friends, my words do disarm antagonists....more

Birds of a Feather

Repeating negative words about others or lies from the enemy can be harmful in many ways. Like birds of a feather they often go hand in hand....more

Don't Worry, I'm a Professional


I Moment I 'LOL' Is The Moment I've Given Up

I love words. I am thrilled by the art of them - by the way they can cast feeling like the sun casts a shadow - the way metaphor can spe...more

What's a Thunderbox?

Do you know what a thunderbox is?Have you figured out what it is?When you do you willThunderbox;a stool enclosing a chamberpot...more

How We Met

It all began in a park by a lake in the middle of a fresh spring rain. You were there, I was there and we were looking at each other because we had never met before. Neither of us had an umbrella or a rain slicker or anything else to keep from getting soaking wet, which we were because we had been in it for a while.“Why are you here?” you asked hurriedly, like you were in a anxious.“I could ask the same” I replied...more

One Diet Coke...Please

When my kids get a coke(which is a southern generic term for ANY type of carbonated beverage...)at a "serve yourself fountain drink" kind of placethey like to fill their cups with a little bit of each available drink.They call it a "suicide."--side note.......more

Words I love


Whole again.

Proverbs 18:21 (The MSG)Words kill, words give life;they're either poison or fruit--you choose.I've had one of those weeks.The kind where you check the calendar every day to see if you've made it to the end yet....more