I started this blog with a goal of writing a thousand words a day. Most days all days, I fall quite short of that.  I am a short and snappy gal.  I would probI starteably have more success in writing for Hallmark Cards.  Now, I'm upgrading my goal to writing a thousand posts, one a day.  How long would that take?  Do I have time?Life comes to me in photos and snatches of words.  They come to me like live streaming.  There's no skill or ability involved.  I am just wired like that.  Curious, isn't it?...more


Carrie Zing Thank you Carrie.....I will go check your post out as well....more

In Other Words

         I have an issue with words. Not all words, just those other words. You know, the words people say when they are trying to explain something that they think you don’t understand. It’s the sentence that begins with “in other words,…”. This saying makes my blood boil! I immediately have to wait for clarification of the meaning of the words that were previously stated. “In other words” instantly follows without regard to whether or not I have comprehended the original words or not. What was wrong with the first words?...more

Remember Latin?

Do you rember Latin? When I was a lifegurad at New York Athletic club a priest would come in everyday to swim. I was reading Latin poems, and he told me "I have never seen anyone reading Latin for fun." He then stated writing me notes in Latin, and I would decipher them for fun. I will never forget Father Miller. He was 90+ years old. I enjoyed being his friend. Do you know this line?Omnia mea mecum porto?It means...All that is mine, I carry with me. Deep right? ...more

She's Making Me Dizzy!

 My head is spinning. Like a whirlpool, it never ends… No, I didn’t just twirl around and around in circles, or get off a killer rollercoaster. It’s my daughter. She’s a whirlwind....more

An Innocent Comment (Or How to Impact a Child)

Lots of family time this past week with birthday parties and Thanksgiving gatherings included seeing some people we don't get to see often and some we're still getting to know, some I miss and others I'm glad to see only once a year if that. ...more

Spread the Word

  It’s no wonder Em isn’t sleeping so well these days. First of all, her teeth seem to have conspired against her, deciding to push through her gum line all at once. Poor thing. She looks like a little rabid lap dog (especially when I put barrettes in her hair), practically foaming at the mouth and constantly gnawing on something hard or chewy and plastic-y.    Second of all? Em’s going through a major verbal explosion. Her brain is reeling. New words are popping out of her mouth, left and right, right and left (accompanied by teething drool). ...more
 @dvorakoelling I just put little one to bed (Again!) and when I went up to see her (she was ...more

That's All There Is

I can stop anytime I want....more