To Lose Weight This Year, Check Your "Spiritual Hunger"

Inspired by her grandmother’s cooking and its ability to provide a sense of nurturing, safety and comfort, nutritionist Dawn Lerman bases her work on finding the connection between her clients’ diets and the long-ignored human element behind true nourishment....more

Lull Between the Storms

The past several weeks have been a real whirlwind of activity, including lots of work meetings, Wonderful Wednesday and Saturday playgroup gatherings, writing assignments, etc. Oh, and hosting writer’s group on Friday! Why not?...more

The Top Conferences Being Held In Manchester in 2017

Manchester is filled with exciting things to do and great shows to attend! The year 2017 will be a particularly interesting, especially since there are a lot of great conferences, shows and events being held in the city.The Manchester Beer & Cider Festival will kick off the year on January 19, and other professional events will follow suit, such as conferences. See the top conferences being held in Manchester in 2017 that'll make you want to start packing your bags!...more

Merging Work & Spirituality in the 21st Century

In the nostalgic days, establishing a work-life balance was a bit simpler. The working weekday was 9 to 5, and the weekends revolved around outings with friends, family, and community....more

Top Tips For Women In The Welding Industry

The welding industry may seem like an all-male preserve from the outside, but there are actually a lot of women considering entering this career path. It is estimated that around 5% of welders are currently women, but this number is set to increase as the welding industry looks to fill a burgeoning skill shortage. If you’re trying to work as a welder, or are already in the industry and want to take the next step, these tips will help you be a better welder in no time....more

The Subtle But Powerful Importance of Little Wins

Former president of Telemundo Nely Galán on how the little achievements add up to big satisfactions.As the first Latina President of U.S. television network Telemundo and founder and president of Santa Clara LLC, a real estate development and investment company, Nely Galán has learned a thing or two about achieving larger-than-life-size dreams....more

Everything You Need To Know About Getting An Online Degree

Completing a degree online is common nowadays. Improvements and advancements in technology and online education have made it possible for working professionals and busy parents to go back to school, finish their degree and gain new skills.Many employers are even investing in their staff and covering the costs for their employees to participate in online degree programs. If you’re considering getting an online degree, start by first learning everything you need to know about what comes with the responsibility. This will help you determine if it’s the right path for you....more

5 Safety & Convenience Tips For Police Offers

If you're a police officer, chances are you've already gone through sufficient training to keep yourself safe while on duty, and you certainly shouldn't need a blog to tell you how it's done. Unfortunately, as we're often reminded by the media, officers don't always follow the protocols they learned in the academy. These lapses can sometimes have serious or even fatal consequences. With that said, here are five tips that can serve as a brief refresher course and reminder of the things every officer should be doing to keep themselves and others safe at all times....more

Is Anxiety Stopping You From Getting a New Job?

Anxiety is without a doubt the most common negative emotion that can ruin anyone's chances of performing well during a job interview. Science has proven that being anxious can profoundly affect the way you speak, listen and behave, especially in high-pressure situations. Unfortunately, many people struggle to control their emotions when searching for a job, which is completely understandable given the stakes at hand....more

Women In The 21st Century: Reliving The Sixties In Your Sixties

No one but a boomer can understand just what living life in the 21st Century is like to someone who lived through that period of radical change. Prior to the hip generation women were given little freedom and had fun only when it was comfortable for the family....more