Is Anxiety Stopping You From Getting a New Job?

Anxiety is without a doubt the most common negative emotion that can ruin anyone's chances of performing well during a job interview. Science has proven that being anxious can profoundly affect the way you speak, listen and behave, especially in high-pressure situations. Unfortunately, many people struggle to control their emotions when searching for a job, which is completely understandable given the stakes at hand....more

Women In The 21st Century: Reliving The Sixties In Your Sixties

No one but a boomer can understand just what living life in the 21st Century is like to someone who lived through that period of radical change. Prior to the hip generation women were given little freedom and had fun only when it was comfortable for the family....more

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Hosting Plan

Choosing a web hosting plan seems rather straightforward for the most part. Most novice webmasters simply go for the most popular providers without putting much thought into it. While it's true that just about any hosting plan will work to put a basic site online, if you have plans of “doing it big” or you demand the highest quality service for your investment, then it would be beneficial to do some research and conduct a thorough comparison....more

6 Productivity Tips for Working Mothers

It isn’t easy being a working mother, but millions of women manage to do exactly that each day. We've been taught from birth that we can ‘have it all,’ but the truth is that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to combine career and family.A lot of men have it easier. Women tend to take on the lion’s share of domestic chores and childcare, so men can go to work, be productive and come home to a clean home and a cooked dinner. In the workplace, there's an unspoken assumption that working mothers are less effective and less committed to their careers....more

What to Do When Your Career Stalls

There comes a point in most people’s lives when the job they've done forever becomes the most tedious activity on the planet. You remember when you once looked forward to going to work and were excited about the prospect of another challenging day. Now, however, you dread Monday mornings and the insufferable feeling of another day in the office....more

How To Get Ahead As A Female B2B Business Owner

If you’re running a business in the B2B sector as a female entrepreneur, you of course have the same concerns when it comes to satisfying your clients and building great relationships, as a man in your position. Of course, with fewer women at the heads of successful businesses it can be even more of a motivating factor to excel....more

Design Your Time

Though I have been calling myself The Stay-at-Home Sociologist jokingly with my spouse and friends for some time, I actually am not quite as "stay-at-home" as I have been the last three years as i am embarking on completion of my PhD. This fall I am taking my oral exams. Orals are exams one takes as a component of a PhD program....more

A song for occupations

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(From the Archives)At Work:John: Vick, I just wanted you to explain the payment system we use; is it like PayPal?    *This is a system that has been in place for the past 3 years and has been explained many times*Me: I guess you can describe it that way....more