Ok. I'm a crazy person, so what.

 This morning I woke up with a headache....more

My first and hopefully not last BLOG!!

Wow!!! I have finally done it!!! I have joined the world of Bloggers!!! Okay, I know lots of people have been blogging for years, but I am just now joining.Please bear with me as I try and tell you what I want to blog about. I want to make people laugh :) (you are probably thinking what is there to laugh about so far?) Stick with me and I will take you through my life and you will see that there are many reasons to laugh every day and you may even find some things in your own life to laugh about)...more
So glad they got the shower accomplished. My husband just gave me a heart attack when he gave a ...more

Flex Forward #1: Workplace Flexibility - Evolution Not Revolution

We have heard much about workplace flexibility recently, with no small thanks to Anne-Marie Slaughter, Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg. While not all positive in content, the debates are active, thoughtful and long overdue.Context is critical...more

Balance... Does It Really Exist For Today's Woman?

    I really admire the women of today's world. Most women wear many hats. Women nurture children, provide financially for the family, and the list goes on while still being a woman.My question is, "Is there really balance for such a woman?"  ...more


http://blog.marthaschaefer.com/2013/03/epiphany.html ...more

Take the "Read a Book in 10 Minutes a Day" Challenge

So many moms say that one of the things they miss about life before the chaos of parenthood was having time to read. The thought of having enough time to actually build any momentum is too daunting. And being able to stay awake for more than a page or two? Not gonna happen. Who needs Ambien when there’s a book on my nightstand?...more

What the blankety blank happened to my motivation?

      I'm going to blame it on the holidays because I don't want to accept personal responsibility for this.  The question is, what in the world happened to my motivation?  Has this ever happened to you?...more

Not enough women in the Academia? A further reason why

Yesterday I attended my first conference-planning meeting at my home institution.When shall Z, a reknowned scholar, speak? Between 6 and 8 pm. A discussion will follow and a dinner will follow the discussion."Why so late?", I asked, given that there is no way I can not be at home at 6 pm on a Tuesday night."So that everyone may attend", was the general answer."Everyone" just means "everyone like us", i.e., a (preferably single) man, with no family duties....more

The Inner Path - Fulfilling Your Passion and Joy!

  "If you're looking for inner peace from the outside world, you're not going to get that. The inner peace starts with looking at you from the inside. Understanding that everything that comes to you is what you are....more

Five Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

When I was 15, I got my first professional job. I wrapped silverware at Putsch's Cafeteria. Mom still says no one wraps silverware as well as I did*. Heck, she might be right. Regardless, after 42 years in the workforce, I appreciate a day off -- so here are five ways to celebrate today!...more