Jury Duty

Jury DutyThere must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.  ~Adrienne Rich...more

Wanna do this with me?

 I’m going to tell you about a VERY exciting project I have in the works. But first I want to share a delightful little story…When I was a kid, my mom used to leave notes hidden around the house for me. She had a stack of cards that said fun things and she’d always sign them “xoxo mama”. I’d find one in my violin case, in my lunch box, on my pillow. It was a game between the two of us that reminded me in small ways on a daily basis that I was loved.  ...more

Yes, your kids do have too much homework, and what to do about it.

Earlier today I gathered my courage and I posted a link to a documentary film, "Race to Nowhere",  on my daughter's school's Facebook page....more

My Husband Hates My Blog

I know a lot of bloggers who describe their husbands as their "biggest fans." I have always been so jealous of these women. My husband was a fantastic cheerleader when my blog began humbly nearly 14 months ago. And then it began to evolve, taking on a life of its own that I could have never predicted.  My blog slowly became the "other man" in my life, and my husband did not appreciate it. ...more
Husbands nowadays are jealous. they want Full Attention and your right prioritize your family firstmore


Hello.  My name is Allie Burdick and I’m an addict.  I’m a running addict.  I need to move fast and sweat once a day.  Part of my recovery plan was (for the first time ever!) leaving my magic running shoes at home *gasp!* when I left on a five day vacation.  I was still glowing from my triathlon win and thought it would be nice to just take a break and sleep in everyday  of my vacation.  And, by “sleep in” I mean wake up at 6:30am instead of 5am since my boys aren’t much for sleeping in either....more

Hi My Name Is.....

Hi My name is MiVida & I am a hoarder.  Hi MiVida..........I have been a hoarder for over 42 years now (I am sure I started when I was 1 yrs old).  I took a look around my room yesterday and scared myself.  I often joke that my room is a reflection of what is going on in my head and to tell the truth IT IS SCARY. ...more

Flex Forward: The changing nature of work (and what that means for you)

 It's about flexibility, and then some. The paradigm shift is that distinct definitions and rigid boundaries are blurring and fading…what does that really mean?The practicalities of society's dramatic changes over the last half century are heralding, or perhaps begging for, the updating and evolution of the employment models. However, the technological advances are generating much more disruption for the workplace norms.Blurring Boundaries...more

What Do Women CEOs Know that their Male Counterparts Don't?

Women learn quickly how to be connectors, communicators and multitaskers. It must be in the DNA. Just think how many chores a woman had to take care of without a dishwasher, washing machine, iron, oven or BBQ. It’s hard to even think about what women used to do. ...more