Less Than Half is Talent

Today I heard a radio interview where Guthrie P. Ramsey Jr., Professor of Music at the University of Pennsylvania, shared all the details of what made Whitney Houston's voice "the voice". Longing to sing professionally myself, I hung on to his every word. Later, as I compared his professional views with my experience as a singer, I found a universal truth invaluable not only from the standpoint of singing but in any area where one would hope to transition talent to a sought after skill. ...more
 @the.me.i.be I always use Beyonce as an example of this, too. I'm not a fan, but I respect the ...more

Life Lessons: One stick at a time...

I believe that our youth is the future of our country, and that our prosperity is intrinsically linked to them.  For that reason, I am very involved in coaching youth sports in our local community.  I believe that participating in sports builds strength of character in addition to muscle strength.  I coach soccer, swimming, track, and t ball and I love every minute of it....more

Risking it all to start a business and other habits of an entreprenuer....

Stricking out on your own and starting a business can be risky business.  Leaving behind the umbrella of security that comes with having a separate entity write your paycheck is scary!  So what is the driving force behind making such a move?  Why jump from the known to the unknown, jumping ship as you clinch a small life vest? To complicate the move, the statistics aren't on your side.  Statistics show that 8 ouf of 10 start-up businesses don't make it past year #3.  So, the question remains...wh...more

I Am a Female Director; I Am a Workhorse

Confession: I hate articles about the lack of female directors and sexism in Hollywood. Not because I'm not a feminist, not because I didn't read Blink like it was a light in the dark, and not because I haven't experienced sexism in Hollywood. But because I know the truth about me -- If I don't make it, it will be my income level that's the root cause, not what's in my pants. ...more

I read some posts on your blog and I saw your strong on your equality angle. I get that and I ...more

What the Amish Can Teach You About Running a Successful Business

Even though I live only a few hours from Amish Country in Lancaster, PA and regularly purchase baked goods from an Amish family that comes weekly to a farm I frequent, I never gave much thought to their successful business track record. ...more

I appreciate the kind words on Success Made Simple. Writing and researching it was a ...more

Work Ethic and Record Snowfall

Last week the Portland, Oregon area had a record-breaking snowfall. Here that means a foot of snow, which paralyzes a place where we rarely have more than an inch. When the driving gets treacherous, people scramble to buy snowtires and chains...and a woman's work ethic is put to the test! ...more

Work Hard. There's no If's, And's, or But's About It.

I recently watched Gary Vaynerchuck, of Wine Library TV, deliver at the Web 2.0 Expo...on YouTube. And, when you're feeling down, feeling like, you're giving up too much of life, or that breaking into the social media mold is just 'too hard' or you've gotten lost within this space. Watch this. It's a good kick in the pants. ...more