The Work-at-Home Mom Myth: Why You Can't Have it Both Ways

The Internet has exploded the notion that moms shouldn't have to choose. We can have our careers and be great moms too. In fact, we can do it from home, working online, either for an employer or as self-employed entrepreneurs. We can finally have it all!Except that we can't....more

7 Home-Based Jobs for Full-Time Moms

When a working woman becomes a mom, her priorities change. Instead of just thinking about herself and her work, there’s also the little baby - who needs her love, care and time - to think of....more

How I Balance Working From Home With 3 Kids...

here's a day in the life {working from home}...more
Great post Krystina! I'm working from home as well and have not found that good balance yet. ...more

What I Love and Hate about being a WAHM

So many women today are debating about the working mother versus the stay-at-home mom. Yet, with the growth of the online industry, there must be thousands of us mothers who are working at home. It's like being torn between two loves -- you're at home, but you have a full-time job....more

What Happened to the 40 Hour Work Week?

Do you work a 40 hour week? I know it existed at one time, Dolly Parton sang about the coveted 9-5 work day. It must be true! It must! Having been on a few interviews recently, I realized there must be a portal one enters to land in the world of work-life balance. If you know where it is, please tell me. Let me preface by saying I have been very lucky when it comes to employment. I know that. I had a fabulous job with a large computer manufacturer and I was allowed to telecommute. For 10 years. I know, talk about making it to the top....more

Distractions Work at Home Moms Face

Working from home is a dream that many moms would love to make a reality. I have been working online since 2011 and making a full time living doing so. However, the only reason I have been able to advance over the years and expand my skills and business is because I have learned to conquer the various distractions that work at home moms face. Therefore, today I am writing this article to alert other moms about what they are going to face when they make the decision to start working from home.Cleaning...more

5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Business for 2014

Get your business (or blog) prepared for 2014 with these five simple steps!...more
poojanegiThat is very true - you never do know when opportunity will be right around the corner! ...more

6 simple ways to boost the credibility of your solo biz

You may not have a big office or employees, but you’re at the top of your game. You go above and beyond to impress your customers, and you’ve never let a single one down. So how come you feel pressured to convince customers that your solo business is just as reliable as larger competitors? Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to up your credibility and status in your field: ...more

FYI: You Can No Longer Work at Home

What is the impact on an individual working mom's life when a company decides carte blanche to nix telecommuting? HUGE. The initial shock was stunning when a random "FYI" note from the manager hit Cece's desk. In this post she breaks down the upsetting and big impact that results from such an incidental company announcement. Can you relate? ...more
It is difficult when business is business... I too, had to sacrifice and it has made all the ...more

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