From Road Warrior to Home Warrior

It is official, my road warrior status has come to an end!  Even though I knew it was coming (even before I found out I was pregnant), it is still such a shock to realize I have unpacked my suitcase for the last time.The last 4 years have been spent visiting clients, representing my company all over the world.  I've been to a lot of different places and met more people than I can remember.  Thousands of miles have been traveled and I have loved every single minute of it....more

The Secret to Successful Work-From-Home Careers? Pick the Right Company

There continues to be a lot of discussion around Marissa Mayer’s decision to pull Yahoo staff out of their homes and back into the office.  Critics cite studies showing that people are happier and more productive working at home. Marissa and her supporters say that pulling employees physically together is better for collaboration and innovation.In the end this probably comes down to company culture and how well a company supports work-from-home careers....more

10 Tips on How to Work From Home

It has been almost a month since I decided to renounce my conventional 9 to 5 life and pursue my nagging professional goals as if someone was already paying me a substantial salary to do it. Some people might call this daring while others may say it’s preposterous. After all, as a woman already in her thirties, shouldn’t I have gotten this dreaming business out of the way already? Shouldn’t I be properly settled into a comfortable suburban existence with an actual career trajectory, or children, or if I was a real over achiever, both?...more

5 Tips for Keeping It Sane When Working From Home

The rise of technology has provided us with plenty of opportunities. Working from home has been a big advantage for many people who try to avoid the traffic hazards and tight schedules, those who like to earn their money with some freedom and under their own terms. However, for some others like me, being at home five days a week could also be a challenge no matter how much they enjoy what they are doing. As women, we also juggle with many other responsibilities; family, house chores, community events, and the list goes on and on....more
I love the line 'stay away from the night gown'. That's pretty much my life so that I don't look ...more

a little too much solitude, maybe?

these days we are telecommuting more, working from home, and have many relationships virtually. a little solitude can be good, cleansing, spiritual, and even a little indulgent. i love it when i get a little block of quiet me time. here's how you can tell you have too much solitude:...more

Should Working Moms Have Special Privileges?

A post in a mom online forum recently caught my attention. A mom had left work a number of times during the first week of school when they called to emotional and health concerns relating to her daughter.Some of her coworkers were not too happy. They reported her to upper management and stated she needed to keep the personal out of her work life....more

Summertime blues

I started working full time in May. Before this I was a substitute teacher for 3 years. When I started with this company about 20 months ago, I was only part time, and then the work became too much, so I went to full time. It has been hard balancing work with kids schedules and maintaining the home, but it helps that I get to work mostly from home. I can put in a load of laundry or walk the dog, but sometimes I don't stop working. Like when my email dings at 8 pm. There are definately ups and downs of a stay at home job. ...more

Are You Experiencing The Passion Shift?

Can you believe it? Summer's practically half over. And for many working moms it’s a continued juggle of work, family, life, kids out of school and trying to take care of ourselves.  I've spent the last few months tuning in to a deeper calling, a mission if you will.Here’s what it is....more

How My Marissa Mayer Moment Changed My Life

Deciding to become a mom was one of the biggest and most exciting decisions of my life.For many years I thought I never wanted kids.It honestly never even crossed my mind until I was in my early 30’s and met my husband. I guess it took meeting a man I could imagine having kids with to uncover my maternal instinct....more

The Secret to Feeling Successful as a Working Mom

One of the hottest topics of the working world in our current times is the plight of the working mom.  That often seemingly illusive quest to “have it all.”Some believe it is possible, others see it simply as a pipe dream....more