A Realization - A Life Lesson at Work

I have been having some rough days at my job lately. And when I say rough I mean the kind that gives me heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. I get the sick to my stomach feeling. When I leave work I try to drop it from my mind. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am not. Today after a particularly awful day I came to a realization, my job is taking me away from my son. I don't mean the eight hours I am at work and my commute time. I mean, the more I stress, I feel like I am shaving days, maybe months off my life. We all know stress can be terrible for your body and mind....more

RNC Interview: Blogger Skye at Midnight Blue

Yesterday morning at the RedState/Google Blogger Brunch I met a great woman blogger from Philadelphia, Skye at Midnight Blue. She's a powerhouse photo journalist and has been blogging since 1999. Some of you may know her at BlogHer as Skye posts from time to time. Skye managed to get on the convention floor last night, don't ask how, and filed this. A self-described conservative Democrat, here's our conversation about ...more

What's so Perfect About Perfect Attendance

I’ve always found it amazing when I read about someone who has perfect attendance.  I am truly fascinated about the employees I’ve seen receive awards for perfect attendance.  It’s not so much how they do it that baffles me.  It’s why they would do it. ...more

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