Shift Worker

 1st ShiftWake up, wake up again. Get up, get ready for work. Wake the kids up, start prepping breakfast. Wake the kids up again. Get kids ready for school. Drop them off. Get to work. Late. 2nd ShiftDay job. 3rd Shift...more

Feeling Off Kilter -- and Easy Ways to Get Back in Balance

Did you ever feel like your life is off kilter? Everything is going fine, but suddenly you don’t feel like you normally do.Types of Activities that Throw Us for a Loop...more

Under Pressure: I Quit My Job, Blew Up My Life & Then Revolted

Have you ever hit a wall, not sure if you should forge ahead or curl up under the covers and not come out for days?...more
Susan Mary Malone Kiddos to you for taking  week!  My workaholic self still wont let me do that. ...more

In Conversation with Tevis Rose Trower, Founder of Balance Integration Corporation

  In Conversation With is a series of interviews with prominent women that inspire, motivate, and intrigue me. These interviews originally appeared on SharpHeels.  ...more

Working Mom Guilt

I feel guilty. About working. About not working. About not feeling comfortable one way or the other. The working mom guilt? It’s brutal.I thought that by being a stay-at-home/work-at-home hybrid, I’d have the best of both worlds. But instead, I feel like I’m half-assing each one. I barely have time to work and when I do, I feel like my son is getting the short end of the stick....more

Confessions of a "Busy Addict"

Work/life balance. Work/life balance. I have been contemplating this topic a lot lately. Maybe because it's hard in 2015 to describe ourselves as anything but the dreaded "b" word...Busy.I've personally read some excellent articles on how a lot of people are having trouble keeping their downtime...well...down?...more

4 Ways to Get Better Work/Life Balance

Do you have this discussion? The debate about how much time is spent at work versus spent at home? ...more
briannarbell So glad you found it helpful! It doesn't have to be difficult.more