Power, Platforms and the M-word

"Don't get mad, get elected."As BlogHer 2010 highlighted in spades, from the seemingly trite to the life altering, women who blog are reinventing med...more

Screw Work Life Balance: We Need Work Life Policy! Here's All You Need to Know to Join the Movement at BlogHer

For over two years, The Four Hour Work Week has been a national bestseller. Why? Because most of us resent feeling tethered to our jobs and we know we could still do great work even if we had the ability to control our schedules and factor family needs into our day.  We are grown ups: why don’t employers get it? ...more
I was just about to add a link to Riane Eisler's Caring Economy Campaign address for free ...more

Life as a Full Time Work Outside the Home Mom: A Retrospective

Life as I know it has evolved.  There aren't many more 180 degree turns you can make in life like the one I just chose.  Full-time, outside of the home, kids in daycare, 9-5 Monday to Friday working mom to 24-7, car-pool driving, playdate attending, mini-van sporting Stay-at-home mom.There are so many misconceptions and generalizations about both of these roles, and now that I have experienced them both, I have never been more secure in my choices.  I am right where I need to be right now and (all things considered) I am pretty happy....more

Can we really do it all? Really?

I feel as though I’m betraying my roots by even writing this. After all growing up, my mother was a card carrying member of NOW (National Organization of Women). I was raised in feminism- to be all you could be. To bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. It was never acceptable to hide behind a man. You were expected to be a partner, to contribute. Whatever that meant for you. What is my big confession? I can’t do it all....more

I know! I'm going to get in trouble for this but I'm going to take a deep breath and say it. We ...more

Rugby, Three Year Olds and Perspective Taking

Yesterday my three year old crushed my 17mth old in a huge tackle worthy of a Wallabies front row forward (that's the Australian Rugby Union team my friends).  Said baby began t...more

Read Obama's Lips: Workplace Flex Not a Women's Issue

A few things really struck me at the first ever White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility. The first is that President Obama said “Workplace flexibility isn’t just a women’s issue.” Even if no public policy results from today’s session, the culture change that comes when people like Obama say things like that is big. ...more

not all jobs can be flexable sometimes you just need to be there like nursing but getting sick ...more

I'm a good working mom. Really.

  Today I heard a vent from a brand new mom who was planning to go back to work and was being eaten alive by mommy guilt about using daycare.Specifically she said:...more

Dual-Income Parents: The Exhausted American Middle

Back in the mythic 50s and 60s, housewives like Betty Friedan and Betty Draper were very bored. The Feminine Mystique opens with this description of an average housewife’s day: “Many women no longer left their homes, except to shop, chauffeur their children or attend a social engagement with their husbands.” ...more

My husband and I were tag-team parents until last year. Though we both had the luxury of ...more

Sleeping and Living Past Snooze

      Do not fear, no alarm clocks were totally harmed in the making of this day. Slightly injured but a full recovery is expected. I awoke when the first morning report should be falling off the printer’s paper tray. The adrenaline rushed through my body. Feet thudded on the floor and then I stopped. It was a complete and unequivocal stop. The wave of adrenaline subsided, the phone call was made and I obeyed the voice in my head, perhaps the heart or perhaps they spoke in unison....more

When was the last time you laughed so hard you started crying?

When was the last time you laughed so hard you started crying? If you have to think about it, it has been way too long. For me, it was just a few days ago. I have been blessed with a business partner who makes me belly laugh at least once a week. I think this is why I know we are having success together in business. Because no matter what difficulties we face, we can always help each other see the bright side, and even laugh until we cry! ...more