Goodbye to the Fighting Finn

Saturday, October 9, 2010 Goodbye to the Fighting Finn ...more

The Trouble With Eye Cream

Our house is old.We bought it before marriage, before children, before we had any idea what we would be doing with the next eight years of our lives.  We painted the pink, yellow and green walls cream and tan.  We covered our crumbling stucco exterior with insulation and siding.  We replaced the windows, re-reoofed, re-landscaped, built decks, upgraded the basement, built a fence and a garden box, and repaired six hundred thousand other little things....more

Feminism and Balance: Nobody Loves You Better Because You Used Yourself Up for Them

I was sitting in the audience at the Starr Community Conversation in Kansas City on Tuesday night when Gloria Feldt* said, "Nobody loves you better because you have used yourself up for them."  Kind of makes a record scratch, doesn't it? ...more

When people ask for time, it's always for time to say no. Yes has one more letter in it, but ...more

Blurring the Lines: Work/Life Balance

Self-Sabotage Regardless of the fact that I have been working from ho...more

Support Me in My Big Life Adventure

I just got back from a spiritually and physically renewing vacation. The days leading up to this vacation were chaotic and stressful. I had a huge financial and personal decision to make about my future, and add that to covering two jobs at work - 2 stressful jobs - I was frazzled, and on the brink of emotional self destruction. I think it is so important that women find ways to renew themselves. We juggle being career women, mothers, and caregivers to friends and families. All that we give of ourselves sometimes can start to take its toll and if we do not have systems in place to rebuild and regroup, then we will start to feel just the way I felt just before my trip. ...more

Power, Platforms and the M-word

"Don't get mad, get elected."As BlogHer 2010 highlighted in spades, from the seemingly trite to the life altering, women who blog are reinventing med...more

Screw Work Life Balance: We Need Work Life Policy! Here's All You Need to Know to Join the Movement at BlogHer

For over two years, The Four Hour Work Week has been a national bestseller. Why? Because most of us resent feeling tethered to our jobs and we know we could still do great work even if we had the ability to control our schedules and factor family needs into our day.  We are grown ups: why don’t employers get it? ...more
I was just about to add a link to Riane Eisler's Caring Economy Campaign address for free ...more

Life as a Full Time Work Outside the Home Mom: A Retrospective

Life as I know it has evolved.  There aren't many more 180 degree turns you can make in life like the one I just chose.  Full-time, outside of the home, kids in daycare, 9-5 Monday to Friday working mom to 24-7, car-pool driving, playdate attending, mini-van sporting Stay-at-home mom.There are so many misconceptions and generalizations about both of these roles, and now that I have experienced them both, I have never been more secure in my choices.  I am right where I need to be right now and (all things considered) I am pretty happy....more

Can we really do it all? Really?

I feel as though I’m betraying my roots by even writing this. After all growing up, my mother was a card carrying member of NOW (National Organization of Women). I was raised in feminism- to be all you could be. To bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. It was never acceptable to hide behind a man. You were expected to be a partner, to contribute. Whatever that meant for you. What is my big confession? I can’t do it all....more

I know! I'm going to get in trouble for this but I'm going to take a deep breath and say it. We ...more

Rugby, Three Year Olds and Perspective Taking

Yesterday my three year old crushed my 17mth old in a huge tackle worthy of a Wallabies front row forward (that's the Australian Rugby Union team my friends).  Said baby began t...more