How to Choose a Time Tracking Tool

As an entrepreneur, time is money. Literally. Even if you price based on project you still need to maximize your productivity and know where your time goes so you can make wise decisions. Today's article helps you choose the time tracking tool that is right for you. ...more
I couldn't agree  with you more. It is also important to know what are the things that your time ...more

Mother/Daughter Team: On Working Together & Making Medicare Easy

Melinda Caughill and Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS, are co-founders of 65 Incorporated, a company dedicated to making Medicare easy. They recently sat down with me via phone to talk about their company's mission and what it is like to be in an entrepreneurial venture working with family. The perspective of working in a family business that isn't a traditional "Mom and Pop" shop, but rather an internet-based information based service company is an interesting one. First a bit of background on these women and the company... ...more
Awesome! Melinda was my mentor in my entrepreneurship class. Nice lady and beautiful little boy. ...more

Routine to Succeed for the Work from Home Mom

Working from home is full of distractions. Period. When you're a work at home mom trying to care for little ones at the same time, the challenges for a productivity-face-plant escalate. Here's one work from home mom's solid routine that just might work for you too. ...more
Im eventually going to work from home makes me wonder about balancing it all.more

Do You Need To Give Yourself More Margin?


Fantastic Friday All Play and No Work Make You Broke

Fantastic Friday - it is fantastic to balance work and play so you are not a broke girl. Each Fantastic Friday throughout the month of December we will be continuing our exploration of ways to balance work and home.  Last week we explored the notiion that all work and no play makes you a dull girl. Today we will be looking at ways to balance things because all play and no work make you broke! The other areas we will be exploring include:...more

Taming my Over-Commitment Monster

My inner monsters are those characteristics about myself that I don’t like very much.   These are traits that I’ve worked hard at over the years to minimize; but occasionally one will rear its ugly head....more

Why You Should (And How You Can) Develop The Power Of Praise

Do you recall a time when praise gave you a lift?  ...more
Elisa, thanks for your feedback.  I realize that not every story is for every one, but glad to ...more

How To Start To Move Your Mountains

Do you need to persevere?...more

How To Build A Better To-Do List