Back to School: 5 Tips for Self-Employed Moms

Summer is a time of schedule adjustment for any working parent. For self-employed Mom's, the impact is even greater as the workplace becomes inhabited by kids that are home during the day. Now that it's back to school time, the time is ripe to refocus your efforts in your business and recalibrate the rhythms of your day to accommodate the transition. ...more
 @Laine Griffin Good for you taking some time to create SPACE in which to revisit and adjust.  ...more

It's Not Can We Have it All, It's Should We?

I have to officially weigh in on the "have it all" debate. ...more
While my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be, I never took that to mean "I could ...more

Career Focused or Super MOM: Let Marissa Decide

Deviating from my normal thoughts on tech innovation, today I’m thinking about women, work and motherhood ...more

A Tale of Two Heathers

I have two jobs. People assume that I am exhausted, beat down, angry, or "over it", but honestly, I love my second job so much that it doesn't even feel like work a lot of the time. And this is where I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. At my full-time job, I get to dress up, wear heels, feel important, like I matter, which is hugely important. I have an office with a door (something I have coveted throughout my career) and am encouraged consistently to give my opinion and praised on my analytical abilities. ...more

Who Turns Your Lights Blue? by Jane C Woods

 I was stuck behind an ambulance the other day. Well, not stuck as such; I pulled out into the lanes to find it ahead of me pootling along quite happily at a steady old pace befitting of an ambulance.In truth I was slightly irked as I wanted to go a bit faster but I settled myself in for a slightly longer journey than planned and relaxed.Suddenly the pace ahead changed; the blue flashing lights came on and the ambulance accelerated away. (Not speeding, just not the gentle 30 mph it had been doing)....more

anne-marie slaughter reveals that women still can’t have it all. shocker.

Of all my female friends only one is a stay-at-home mom and that’s probably because she has a twin. A significant majority are single (well, those living in New York City anyway) and most are elite school grads too busy kicking ass in their respective careers to play the e-mail forwarding game....more
I read Slaughter's very loooooong article in The Atlantic. I was struck by the fact that she ...more

I Do, Therefore I Am! Aren't I?

After I finished my psychiatry residency, I was working at Mount Sinai Medical center in NYC.  I was friends with another doctor who was a few years ahead of me. She was pregnant with baby number two. One day, a group of us were schmoozing over lunch. We asked her how she was able to  juggle her kids and her work. Her parents were both successful, and she began to discuss how she and they had handled careers and kids. ...more
I have been a certified performance freak but I am recovering with God's help. I try to remember ...more

Confessions Of A Multitasker

Last Friday, Elaine–my partner at $200K Freelancer–called me while I was in the middle of a trip with my daughter to the National Museum of Natural History’s Bug Zoo. We were talking about e-commerce plug-ins for the site.“Oooh,” yelled the crowd in the background. “Don’t mind that,” I said, or something similar. “The tarantula just ate the cricket.” ...more

Why I Am A Recovering Multi-Tasker

We live in a relentlessly fast paced world.And I can get relentlessly caught up in it as well.Doing several things at once has become the new normal.  There is even a new normal answer to the question, “How are you?”The answer used to be: “Fine, thanks.”The answer is now: “Busy!”...more

Find Your Rhythm

Being self-employed is a distance run, not a sprint.  It doesn’t “end”.  Therefore the habits you put into place at the start of your business need to be sustainable.  Some might say achieving balance is impossible, and they are right. But, not in the way you think they are… I believe balance is an elusive and unattainable goal.  More stress is created in people today because of their quest to achieve balance than in simply creating a rhythm to life that works for you regardless of whether that meets some nebulous balance criteria. ...more
Would be interested to have an update on your quest for finding your rhythm and invite you to ...more