What do YOU do for fun?

Spending the last two years building a business and orchestrating a move from Virgina to California meant work/life balance was the first of many things to fall right off the priority list. After a year in California, I've observed that work/life balance is a way of life out here and decided to fight my Type A, work-a-holic, east coast paced instincts and just go with it. Back in 2009, I was inspired to write a 101 things in 1001 days list. ...more
It's the little things that make life fun! I would love to go to a Giants game sit back with a ...more

Swimming like a duck — Tips for *appearing* calm and collected at work

Just by virtue of age and unwillingness to change jobs I am becoming a “senior” level associate. That means that there are increasing numbers of people junior to me, though I want to make clear that they don’t work for me and I am not their boss. It just means that they tend to view me as older and wiser and hit me up for advice all the time, and then scurry to their respective corners when I have work that would be more appropriate to hand off to someone with a lower billing rate....more

The Value of Women's Work Can Change the Workplace

Isn't it amazing that Blatch made this argument 113 years ago? Her point still resonates today. A study released by the Center for American Progress shows that in the down economy, women increasingly became the sole breadwinners, despite the persistent wage gap, since men were being laid off at higher rates to trim companies' bottom line. More and more men defined themselves as "stay-at-home fathers." Women were fully half the paid workforce as of last year, and because women were concentrated in lower paying jobs were less likely to be laid off. ...more
Thanks, Gloria and the people who commented..Please check out The State of the Union: Our Real ...more

The Demise of 9 to 5

Here I am 7 am on a Saturday morning … working. This past Thursday, I was up until midnight … working. Sunday afternoon … working! In my 20′s, I used to get dressed up, go to an office and put in a solid day of work. It might not have been from 9 am to 5 pm, but it was at least something close like 8:30 to 6:30. Sprinkled in with those 8 to 10 hour days were the occasional late nights at the office....more

Harry Potter, Running and a Guilt Free Work Life

I confess I've been a tad discombobulated (is that not one of the finest words in the English language?).  Mostly because I made a conscious decision to relax.  For a whole week.  Yep, you read me right.  Work life balance for me often plays out as family, work, family, work, family, work.  It's about choosing the things that give me the greatest joy.  And those are the things that do.  But in the process, I've not been charging my own batteries as well as I should.  ...more

Father of Five Talks Work Life Balance

“I am not working to put (my kids) into every single extra curricular activity; I am working so we can be together.”...more

In The Mornings

In the mornings. This is the time of day that I feel so refreshed, so rejuvenated. I am quite certain that I can accomplish anything.In the calm of my car, during my 45 minute commute to work, this is the time that I contemplate the future. It must be the sweet morning air, or the privilege of watching the sun rise over a land so beautiful that it takes my breath away (yes, Minnesota is good for some things)....more

In the morning anything is possible. I love that feeling.

Contributing Editor ...more

Maria Shriver Says It's a Woman's Nation. Do You?

California First Lady Maria Shriver says we're now living in a Woman's Nation -- women make up half the work force, the majority of mothers are the main breadwinners or co-breadwinners of their families and women are in charge of 80% of the high ticket item household spending. That, says Shriver, is some power we need to grab by the horns!...more

As much as I'd like to believe that the battle of the sexes is over, i think we're far from ...more

Invitation to Fem2.0 Blog Carnival: For Women, the Other Side of Work Is NOT Play… It’s Caregiving

Women take care of children, spouses, parents, family members, friends. We dominate the caregiving professions, like nursing or social work. Ask anyone receiving care of any kind and he or she will most likely tell you that the primary caregiver is a woman.   Caregiving is a job for which women usually don’t get or expect monetary compensation. It is a critical aspect of work/life and healthcare issues. How can caregiving be made easier to make our lives easier? ...more

Are We Closer to "Family Friendly?"

As the Obamas were campaigning for the White House, they were clear about their intent to make our country more "family friendly." Michelle Obama in particular was open about the fact that she would make advocating for families one of her main projects if she became First Lady. ...more

There was a movement at one time to go to year round school, and I know some school districts ...more